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sparey 11-17-13 10:51 AM

TP9 sighting
So I was at Starbucks on IH-10 in Leon springs this morning and in walks
Tony Parker and his woman. Then as we walked out we noticed a big black SUV
with the number 9 all over it and guess where he was parked?????
In a HANDICAP spot. Really????? C'mon man. You're a SPUR act like it!!!

californiaSPUR 11-17-13 11:07 AM

He should know better
Shame on you Tony
You need to make up for that.

sparey 11-17-13 01:38 PM

On a side note Eva Longoria. Much more prettier than his current girl. Just sayin

MRJONESIII 11-17-13 06:29 PM

In Cali, they have pregnant parking only.

WILLTHETHRILL 11-18-13 11:12 PM

I would have called that in to the cops. That's messed up

pjm 11-19-13 08:29 AM

Maybe his girl is pregnant :yikes

JuanCaca 11-19-13 11:52 AM

if i remeber correctly ...there was a note about his comming baby, right?


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