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Guapo 11-17-13 01:11 AM

Officially, the loudest fans in the NBA are...
With the good folks from Guinness on hand, Sacramento Kings fans set a new world record not once, not twice, but three times tonight for loudest crowd roar in an indoor arena. Fans broke the previous record of 106.6 decibels by Milwaukee Bucks fans on Dec. 20, 2008 in the first quarter, pushing the decibel meter to 119.7 decibels. They did it again at halftime, pushing the meter to a blaring 122.6 decibels. They did it for a final time in between the third and fourth quarters, pushing the meter to an ear-shattering 126 decibels.

Sacramento Kings fans set new world record for crowd roar multiple times | Cowbell Kingdom

frenchfred 11-17-13 03:52 AM

And the louder they yell the more deaf they goes and the louder they have to yell to hear themselves. I think that I am going to open a Hearing Aid shop in Sacramento

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