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Alamo Girl 11-11-13 01:45 PM

Tim's new girlfriend
Tim Duncan and The Back To The Future Time Machine! - YouTube

Amazing Race reality star- Vanessa Macias, she been sitting at the Spurs home section for games, and she pretty much confirmed it on twitter.

Hope she treats him well.

Eddy from Austin 11-11-13 05:04 PM

alh1020 11-11-13 06:00 PM

Now, thatsa nice.

drcantgetright 11-11-13 07:04 PM

run timmy run

MRJONESIII 11-11-13 08:06 PM

DeeZammm! Looks like a Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian mixture! You go Tim! She looks low maintenance by dress standards. Hopefully a low key girl like Tim. Definitely a keeper.

Rzarector7 11-12-13 12:01 AM

Good stuff! GO TIMMAY!

Uwe Blab 11-12-13 12:43 AM

I don't know, you have to watch out for those reality "stars". They tend to cling to people who keep them relevant.

e_93gsx 11-12-13 01:04 AM

First yes 100% yes but…. Reality tv star? Yeah I don’t see that ending well for him.

MRJONESIII 11-12-13 07:09 AM

Oh, I didn't know that! I never watch reality tv. I retract all statements.... Run Tim, run.......

JuanCaca 11-12-13 09:38 AM

but bebofe you run... take her (carefully) LOLOL

Flipmode Master 11-12-13 01:47 PM

Good stuff lol

alh1020 11-12-13 02:04 PM

However way it goes Timmy, I hope you get lucky. :drummer

Mombear 11-12-13 05:57 PM

Is it the one on the right? :shrug

alh1020 11-12-13 07:12 PM


Originally Posted by Mombear (Post 1305725)
Is it the one on the right? :shrug

Probably in about 40-50 years.

<!-- END TEMPLATE: newpost_quote -->

Spurd_On 11-12-13 07:36 PM

Which ever one of the 2 she is, judging by the 2 guys sitting behind them, one of them ate too many beans.

Mombear 11-12-13 10:09 PM


dark21horse 11-14-13 08:05 AM

I say......hit it a few times......THEN RUN LIKE YOU STOLE SOMETHING!!!!!!!!! :banana

InegoMontoya 11-14-13 10:28 AM

Nooooooooooo! Don't do it Timmay!
Just hit it, quit it, and run like hell. those reality T.V. stars are simply looking for someone to latch on to and keep them relevant...

polk 11-14-13 12:51 PM

Dating Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs is not exactly the way to get your name on the front page of some magazine. Reality star or not...

If this is the advice she was given on how to stay relevant, she needs to fire her agent quickly.

Maybe she has bought into the Spurs Corporate Knowledge...perhaps she has gotten over herself.

alh1020 11-14-13 02:37 PM

Could it be that she likes his game --- both on and off the court?

spurscrazed 11-14-13 03:44 PM

She def is a Cutie! Go Timmay! :D
Not too sure this one is a keeper.
I sincerely believe Timmy Deserves much better than this though...

Guapo 11-17-13 12:40 AM

It's a step up from an unfaithful, dumb blonde cheerleader--- or is it?

‘Amazing Race’ finalist Vanessa Macias booked for DWI - Jakle's Jacuzzi

Guapo 11-17-13 12:44 AM

Also, beware... Tony might Start texting her, because she looks a lot like his ex:


JuanCaca 11-17-13 01:16 AM

Wait...cool dude, lock for all of fame, 10 mill a year... and you only get this girl?
Maybe she has great heart/personality...

e_93gsx 11-17-13 01:42 AM

I want to be a basketball player when I grow up.

WILLTHETHRILL 11-18-13 11:14 PM

she has always been a gold digger. Ask around SA

katyspursfan 11-19-13 06:59 PM

Meh. If it makes Timmy a happy camper for a while, go camping.

I would bet my entire salary for the year that he doesn't consult SR for advice.

MRJONESIII 11-19-13 07:38 PM


Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL (Post 1305867)
she has always been a gold digger. Ask around SA

Hell... Just don't have any kids and don't get married! Or maybe get fixed then hit it! Lady in the streets, hopefully a freak in the sheets!

SPURSGIRL4Life 11-21-13 03:07 AM

Divorce/separation can do strange things to a man. Don't let it get you down too much Timmy. Stepping stones are nothing less and nothing more.

frenchfred 11-22-13 04:00 AM

I don't know if he's happy but she doesn't make his FG shooting good. Tim has been shooting pretty badly recently.

uthscsamd 11-22-13 01:50 PM


Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL (Post 1305867)
she has always been a gold digger. Ask around SA

Wow, I actually agree with Will?

Knew her before she was married, know her now Ex (pretty good guy), seen her since, train wreck. Tim is slumming it. <!-- END TEMPLATE: newpost_quote -->

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