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tenthousandaces 11-11-13 12:54 PM

I really like what Ayers brings to the table - energy, rebounds, hustle and decent defense. But I sure hope Engelland is working with him, because his mid-range shot is unreliable (at best) right now!

clovisnmspurfan 11-11-13 12:56 PM

He is an upgrade period.

Eddy from Austin 11-11-13 01:07 PM

He sure has one ugly looking jump shot.
But I like his energy.

InegoMontoya 11-11-13 01:22 PM

calling his shot ugly does not do it proper justice... The first time I saw him shoot I threw up in my mouth a little bit. His shot fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. His shot is the worst, it is the shooting equivalent of a pizza burn on the roof of your mouth, or tennis elbow. his shot is the opposite of batman...

Eddy from Austin 11-11-13 01:43 PM

His shot is so ugly it gives Freddy Krueger nightmares.:drummer

Uwe Blab 11-11-13 04:15 PM

What's the story behind his last name? He used to be Pendergraph, right?

Eddy from Austin 11-11-13 04:56 PM

Ayers is the last name of his biological father.

alh1020 11-11-13 06:02 PM

He remembers me of Charly Hustle (Pete Rose), hustling down the court on every possession. A definite asset and I like his enthusiasm.

alh1020 11-11-13 09:12 PM

Me thinks after the Philly game, Jeff should get with Chip Engelland for a little 'dunk' practice.

Spurd_On 11-12-13 07:23 AM

I would imagine he has been an Engelland project since his signing.

spurduncan21 11-12-13 10:46 AM

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Originally Posted by alh1020 (Post 1305708)
Me thinks after the Philly game, Jeff should get with Chip Engelland for a little 'dunk' practice.

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Easily 3 or 4 missed dunks. Unacceptable!!!

Guille 11-12-13 12:02 PM

Hes going to have "literally" a Chip on his shoulder

alh1020 11-12-13 02:02 PM


Guapo 11-17-13 12:51 AM

Oh. That he changed his last name suddenly clears up a lot of things for me. Now if we can just get him to change his shot in time for the playoffs, we may make it far!

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