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MRJONESIII 10-28-13 09:12 PM

Now I know why Charles Barkley is so skinny....
It's all that crack he's smoking! On Monday night football he claims OKC, Clippers, Golden State and Houston are the best in the West, with the Cripplers going to the finals! Just so much disrespect... It's hilarious!

thesuspence281 10-28-13 09:22 PM

I know I just heard that too. What an idiot. Then at the end of the season he has to recant his statement and realize the fact that the spurs are in the top 2 if not THE top in the west.

grizzly_bexar 10-28-13 10:00 PM

I'm not even sure the Warriors are better than last season. They will really miss Jarrett Jack. And Iguodala's lack of shooting may be an issue. Not to mention Curry's durability.

Uwe Blab 10-28-13 10:43 PM

Meh, no one's going to predict the Spurs to do anything, and they really have no reason to. Everyone is on the Clippers bandwagon because of Doc Rivers, but I've always thought that he is a little overrated. He should have had more than one ring in Boston.

grizzly_bexar 10-28-13 11:32 PM

Doc Rivers is a good coach, but although I'm not a big fan of Kevin Garnett as a person, you can't really argue much IMO that he was the leader and the glue that kept that group motivated.

CP3 is just a more buttoned-down, smile for the cameras version of Rondo.

clovisnmspurfan 10-31-13 02:59 PM

What position does Doc Rivers play??

Flipmode Master 10-31-13 04:06 PM

So he didn't even have the spurs in the top 5 in the West? Are you kidding me?

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