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JuanCaca 10-07-13 05:12 PM

Lebron James Is A Flopper
In our estimation, Lebron James has two impressive distinctions: being the best basketball player in the world and also the biggest flopper in the NBA. Now you may ask, ‘Random unidentified writer on PBH2, how is being the bigger flopper in the NBA impressive?’ The answer is that Lebron James is 6 feet 8 inches tall, 250 pounds, built like a linebacker, and yet somehow manages to wail around the court anytime he is touched like a 11 year old who just got stung by a bee.

Case in point, these 15 GIFs of Lebron James being a gigantic flopper:

Mombear 10-07-13 07:43 PM

:laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh

alh1020 10-07-13 08:26 PM

Lebron did win an Espy Award for 2013 for each of the following categories: Best Championship Performance, Best NBA Player and the Best Male Athlete. I hereby advocate that the Espy’s should create a new category of ‘Best Flopper in a Starting Role’. There would be some pretty good candidates nominated for this category but Lebron pretty much has it nailed down as well. This would be another trophy that can adorn and gather dust on his shelves at home.

Bring Oberto! 10-08-13 04:56 PM

This proves he cannot be mentioned on the same sentence with people like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. What a shame!!! Such a disgusting competitor.

This should be published in the front of NBA.com.
And then they have all that nonsense about flopping being brought from "europe" by Ginobili and the like...

SPURSGIRL4Life 10-11-13 05:49 AM

Lebron is the "KING" of floppers? Only Kobe in his prime could beat him in this category. Snark. Snark.

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