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alh1020 10-04-13 10:18 PM

Vegas book pegs Spurs for 55.5 victories
LVH Superbook has predicted the Spurs to win 55.5 games this season, 4.5 fewer than defending champion Miami and second-best in the Western Conference behind the Los Angeles Clippers (57).

The figures were part of Superbook’s annual NBA over/under predictions.

The Spurs were also assigned a 55.5 figure before last season. They went on to beat that total by 2.5 games, finishing 58-24 to take second in the West behind Oklahoma City.

Click the above link for all 30 teams. The top 10:

Miami — 60
L.A. Clippers — 57
Chicago — 56.5
Spurs — 55.5
Houston — 54.5
Indiana — 53.5
New Jersey — 52.5
Oklahoma City — 50.5
Golden State — 49.5
New York — 49.5

Link to article: San Antonio Spurs news, scores, stats & analysis – Spurs Nation » Vegas book pegs Spurs for 55.5 victories

Eddy from Austin 10-04-13 11:11 PM


alh1020 10-05-13 11:34 AM

I would only contest Houston and New Jersey on this list for the simple reason of continuity issues. They have a lot of star power in the lineups and with the addition of new ‘star’ starters, they might have issues regarding how many touches everybody gets, who does the ball go thru first and last, etc etc. On paper, each team looks pretty indomitable, much like the 2003-2004 Lakers when they added Malone and Payton to ONeal and Bryant. But I think once Houston and New Jersey work their issues and become a cohesive unit (if that’s possible), they might we legit, but by that time they might have too many losses to make this preseason prediction. IMHO, of course.

exit7 10-06-13 01:32 AM

Indiana over, clippers under.

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