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xmas97 09-27-13 02:36 PM

Maggette or Young, which is the better Fit?
Personally, I think each has their drawbacks.
Maggette is older by around 3 years, plays very little defense, but used to have pretty decent offense, so the defense suffers when he is in.
Young is younger, plays pretty hard defense, but his offense is atrocious, thus is a defensive liability since the other team can sag off him and double team.

IMHO the Spurs should take neither.
Rather, they should get Nunnally in camp. He is a young sharp shooting 3 pt. making SF/G, 6'6" hard nosed one on one lock down defender in the mold of Bruce Bowen with a strong work ethic and who really wants a shot in the NBA.

InegoMontoya 10-03-13 08:57 AM

Must admit I have not seen Nunnally play, but if your description is accurate he sounds like a good fit. if being asked to make a decision between the two listed in the thread, I go for young.
If we look at either in backup rotation with the second unit it presents problems... if the other team has an athletic 3 and we put Maggette on him we will get burnt, if we have young in the game teams will be able to sag off him in order to help on Marco, Gino and Splitter.
the reason I would go for young has more to do with how he plays as situational player to rest Leonard and play with the starters. If we are going to rest KY I think Youngs skill set would mesh very well with the starters, with the exception of scoring, he is a similar player to KY in ability to defend a natural 3 and outrebound them...
just my take...

xmas97 10-03-13 05:47 PM

Nunnally we to the Suns training camp so he is out.
I still say the Spurs will pick neither.

montgod 10-09-13 02:57 PM


Originally Posted by xmas97 (Post 1305019)
Nunnally we to the Suns training camp so he is out.
I still say the Spurs will pick neither.

I hate to say it but I agree. Spurs never seal the 15th spot no matter who it is.... till playoff time.

Rzarector7 10-09-13 10:24 PM

Time will tell but I doubt either make the team.

Spurd_On 10-10-13 08:42 AM


Originally Posted by Rzarector7 (Post 1305064)
Time will tell but I doubt either make the team.

Maybe so. Young may be awesome on defense but it won't be of much value if he can't prove that he is not a liability on offense. I can see Pop giving him a few more preseason chances but eventually he will have to give Maggette a shot who may be a liability on defense. It would be great to have a legit backup blue collar SF with a balanced game but if Pop doesn't see it in either player, we might see Diaw or a tandem of Ginobili and Green backing up Leonard.

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jrtristan2003 10-10-13 10:06 AM

OMG..after going to the game last night..I thought Young was very very bad.
He single handedly brought the other team back to almost beat the us/spurs...he was terrible.

InegoMontoya 10-10-13 10:48 AM

could you elaborate on that a little for those who didn't get to see the game?
was he a letdown defensively? which would be unexpected...
was he terrible offensively? which would not be unexpected
did he rebound at all? did he move the ball quickly on offense?
I don't really have high hopes, or any hopes at all for this guy, but I do think we NEED a backup that can spell KY for 10 minutes or so a game...

clovisnmspurfan 10-10-13 11:32 AM

Neither, we still have Bonner.

bills0 10-10-13 02:07 PM

Just looking at their WP48 young has been much the better performer over their careers.

However there is an interesting point. Young's numbers get better the more minutes per season he plays. This is the opposite of most other bench players. Maybe that means his worst performances will come early in the season and he will improve as he plays. Considering last night's performance he had better if he expects to stick with the Spurs.

BTW, the Spurs can sign a player for the 15th spot and still have their flexibility by signing the player to a non-guaranteed contract. This is useful if they want to take an extended look at someone.

spurduncan21 10-10-13 02:58 PM

Young was waived so that answers the question. I guess that practice scrimmage with tony really helped maggette out

Spurd_On 10-10-13 04:09 PM


Originally Posted by spurduncan21 (Post 1305077)
Young was waived so that answers the question. I guess that practice scrimmage with tony really helped maggette out

Makes me wonder what is going through Maggette's head right now with as fast as Pop pulled the trigger on Young.

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alh1020 10-13-13 05:52 PM

After going to the AT&T Center this afternoon and watching the Spurs lose to the Suns, I got to wonder if Maggette would be of any benefit to the team. Yes, he does get to the foul line having scored 8 of his 10 points from the free throw line. But he doesn’t play defense very well nor does he get back on defense very fast. He even fouled out of the game. And if he still has tender knee problems, then there's that to consider. Leonard, Kabongo, Nwaelele and Diaw did not play. However, the 6’6” G/F Courtney Fells (rookie out of North Carolina State a while back) did impress with his rebounding, hustle and moves to the basket. All in all, I’d say that the last spot on the active roster will probably be kept open unless someone else impresses Pop before the 30 Oct opening game against Memphis.

Just for grins, does anybody know what the timeline is for roster reduction for the remainder of the preseason?

Mombear 10-13-13 06:06 PM

"I will retire if I don't make the Spurs roster. I knew the deal coming in to camp would be an uphill battle. I had no other offers from other NBA teams so I thought i'd take a stab with the Spurs. If I could get an opportunity here, it would be great. If not, this game has been good to me." - Corey Maggette

Spurd_On 10-13-13 06:16 PM

Its what I expected but I had hoped Maggette would prove me wrong. You have to move fast in Pop's transition defense and though he may have the heart, he doesn't seem to have the legs anymore. Pop had high praise for Fells but my read from his comments using "someday" infers that he is still a project.

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