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doom32x4 09-18-13 07:17 PM

Jeff Pendergraph no longer on team.
He's Jeff Ayers now!

For Spur formerly known as Pendergraph, the name's the thing - San Antonio Express-News

Spurd_On 09-18-13 07:45 PM

Well that is going to be a nightmare for basketball statisticians but I guess it is old hat to a guy like Metta World Peace (soon to be something else). It makes sense that he did so since his step dad broke off relations with his mom when he was in high school.

alh1020 09-18-13 08:26 PM

Back on 22 Aug, the Spurs sponsored a showcase where they had the AT&T Center open to potential season and partial ticket purchasers, which my wife and I attended. There, we had a tour of the Center, which included being shown to the seats we had purchased and a tour of the various locker rooms, the Rampage, the Stars and the Spurs. While we were in the Spurs locker room, I scanned the lockers and saw the name ‘Ayers/11’ at the top of one locker and asked our tour guide who is that. He was kind of stunned because he didn’t know either. This explains a lot to me and now we know who Mr Ayers is. Thanks for the post Doom.

Eddy from Austin 09-18-13 09:50 PM

He just wants to move to the top of the roster.

clovisnmspurfan 09-18-13 10:04 PM

Now his name will fit on the back of his jersey!

choppsboy 09-19-13 08:59 AM

Pendergraph wasn't going to do anything for us anyway.

However, I think this Ayres guy might have a big impact!

grizzly_bexar 09-19-13 10:43 AM

This is ridiculous. This guy Ayres has no track record whatsoever in professional basketball.

spurscrazed 09-19-13 11:31 AM

Well...Let's see.. Ayers sounds so much easier on the ear than pendergraph!!
Good Move by Ayers! :wink

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