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piergiulioc 09-06-13 01:13 AM

Eurobasket 2013
Hi there, anyone following Eurobasket 2013? Belinelli's making waves, he's the uncontested leader of a poor-talented (and short...) Italian team, but with high BIQ. TP's team is one of the great flops (til now...), lot of athletism, but poor game quality. A lot of other former/almost Spurs are playing (Hedo, Bourusis, Spanoulis, Sanikidze...)

Spurd_On 09-06-13 07:12 AM

I follow it some. I agree that the Italians are lacking in talent but give it everything they have with Belinelli leading the way. He reads the court extremely well. The French seem to ebb and flow. You could say that is due, in part, to Parker's injuries but 2 times I have read after losses, that the players thought they came into the game unprepared which suggests to me that they are not playing with a constant determination and discipline. I expect them to get focused as the tournament progresses.

Guapo 09-06-13 03:01 PM

I can't wait to see Belinelli in a Spurs uniform. I think its going to catch most fans off-guard (no pun intended) just how good this guy is going to be.

clovisnmspurfan 09-06-13 03:58 PM


Originally Posted by Guapo (Post 1304681)
I can't wait to see Belinelli in a Spurs uniform. I think its going to catch most fans off-guard (no pun intended) just how good this guy is going to be.

<!-- END TEMPLATE: newpost_quote -->I agree, looks like a solid addition.

piergiulioc 09-11-13 03:49 PM

Tonight disappointing loss for France against Lithuania. Nor Parker, Diaw and De Colo played a good game, only some nice basket, but totally lacking the team work. I was impressed by Jonas Valanciunas, only 13 minutes but a strong impact on the game. Do you remember Javtokas? He played a solid defence against France big men, but he's on the sunset boulevard as regards physicality... Tomorrow night Italy vs Slovenia (home team...), let's see some Beli game time...

piergiulioc 09-12-13 12:57 PM

Ok, I promised some comments on Italy-Slovenia game, but.... Great game between Greece and Spain, and the Spurs connection is going on... What a game by Spanoulis, he's a heck of a player, good contribution by Bourousis, but most of all a lot of "huevos" by Greece. Spanish team was supponent, good plays by Rubio and Gasol (Marc), but others were MIA... Poor officiating, very bad calls by the referees, but Greece deserved! Waiting for Beli and co.

piergiulioc 09-12-13 04:00 PM

:-( very poor shooting from Beli, 2/13 or something like that... Some bad decisions, and a lots of unforced TOs. Dragic brothers (Goran & Zoran...) killed us, but the italian guys fighted up to the end and Slovenia cheered each other like they escaped from a trap, good sign. Anyway, you can't teach size, Slovenia outrebounded Italy... A very good game to see!

piergiulioc 09-14-13 02:47 PM

Ok, another though loss... IMHO, Beli was the main factor in this loss, even if Croatia is a very talented team, his contrbution was totaly negative, TOs and poor shooting. By the way, a "funny" technical foul to Repesa, Croatia's coach, for grabbing the ref, claiming that he has to stop the game since one of his player was rolling on the floor crying (the minute after he was running as usual..). Good game by Bogdanovic and Ukic.

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