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MRJONESIII 09-03-13 01:59 PM

So who's going to pick up Michael Beasley?
He will be released by weeks end. I say take him as a back up SF and roll the dice with this veteran squad and try and shape him up.

Spurd_On 09-03-13 04:14 PM


Originally Posted by MRJONESIII (Post 1304640)
He will be released by weeks end. I say take him as a back up SF and roll the dice with this veteran squad and try and shape him up.

I don't think it works that way. Pop can't shape up players. He can make them better players if they are self motivated. He can even sometimes instill confidence in his players but only when they are trying to be better.
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alh1020 09-03-13 04:39 PM

I’d take him as a backup SF but only on the following conditions: 1) minimum salary; 2) is not drug tested randomly but every week; 3) he’s had too many drug violations to get a free ride or be able to sit up front with the grown-ups, so if he does sign with the Spurs, he has to show improvement on a regular basis; if he tests positive just once or doesn’t show initiative on the court, drop him like a hot rock. The guy has talent but just seems to me, the times I have seen him play with Miami and Phoenix, he sometimes stands around and watches the game and doesn’t get involved or his mental focus is not in the game. Now, after having said all this and rereading my text, pass on him. We don't have time or money to waste on spending a lot of time with him because his baggage is just too heavy. He's an adult and has made some pretty stupid choices and has been paid some big bucks for his game. Sorry, tell him San Antonio is closed.

mckennaspur1 09-03-13 05:23 PM

The guy is just into dope. Everything else seems secondary.

clovisnmspurfan 09-03-13 06:18 PM

Nope to dope.

MRJONESIII 09-03-13 07:07 PM

So what do to preserve our soon to be phenom SF for his back up? Who's left and who doesn't have issues that will be a possible pick up? We are heavy on all other positions for reserves except small forward.

Guapo 09-03-13 07:52 PM

Yeah.. Too much baggage and dope.. The Lakers will sign him. Watch!

grizzly_bexar 09-03-13 08:05 PM

I think he's beyond reclamation at this point.

drcantgetright 09-03-13 09:41 PM

I am not here to take a stance against pot. I just don't see this guy staying away from the stuff to play out the season. No thx.

Spurd_On 09-05-13 08:03 AM

The chatter seems to be the Lakers. If the the Lakers can acquire both Beasley and Odom, they will have fulfilled their off season headcase quota at a discount rate after losing World Peace and Dwight Howard.

b1gdon 09-05-13 09:26 AM

I could care less if the guy smokes weed. Getting busted multiple times for possession shows that he doesn't have the maturity and professionalism to take his job seriously. Besides, the guy is a poor defender, mediocre rebounder, and inefficient scorer. Kind of the opposite in what the Spurs want in their players.

clovisnmspurfan 09-05-13 08:54 PM

Nothing to see here, can we just move along?

alh1020 09-08-13 11:38 AM

Miami Heat considering signing Michael Beasley

There’s no way to put this mildly: The Michael Beasley free agent signing by the Phoenix Suns last summer was a disastrous one for the franchise.

It led to the firing of head coach Alvin Gentry midway through last season, and when things had completely fallen apart by year’s end, it resulted in the firing of GM Lance Blanks.

The Suns wanted nothing to do with Beasley the basketball player anymore following last season, and his multiple run-ins with the law in situations off the court made him undesirable to the organization as a person, as well.

(Shoutout to my media colleagues in Phoenix who were in attendance for one or more of Blanks’ press conferences last summer.)

The Suns parted ways with Beasley after negotiating a buyout of his contract, and while that makes him an unrestricted free agent, he would seem to be toxic enough right now that an addition to an NBA team in the near future would appear to be a long shot, at best.

But at least one club has an interest.

From Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports:

The two-time defending NBA champion Miami Heat are considering the possibility of bringing back troubled free-agent forward Michael Beasley, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Several of the Heat’s key veteran players are supportive of the signing of Beasley, and he has a strong interest in returning to the franchise responsible for taking him with the second overall pick in the 2008 NBA draft, sources told Yahoo.

No offer has been made and no deal is considered imminent, sources said.

Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press, who covers the Heat in Miami, backs up that last part, saying “there’s nothing to Beasley reunion reports.” And Joe Goodman, Heat beat writer for the Miami Herald, reports there’s “no chance” the Heat would sign Beasley.

But you could see how the rumor might get started.

Miami has strong veteran leaders in place in LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Ray Allen who would in theory keep Beasley in line from a basketball standpoint, and given the amount of attention those players attract, the Beasley story (if he flamed out once again) wouldn’t be all that exciting in a Heat locker room that has many far more interesting angles for the media to pursue.

Then, of course, we have the fact that Beasley played his first two seasons in Miami, so Pat Riley has a level of familiarity with him that might make a reunion intriguing.

Just because the initial report was quickly shot down by other sources doesn’t mean it isn’t something to watch. If Beasley cleans up all of his outstanding legal issues and proves ready to take his next chance seriously, he could very easily be added to the roster at some point later in the season.

Link to article: Report: Miami Heat considering signing Michael Beasley | ProBasketballTalk

Spurd_On 09-11-13 09:52 PM

and the answer is......Miami Heat. I think that the Heat may have 17 players signed.

Guapo 09-12-13 01:39 AM

I hope the HEAT do sign him.. And they implode!

alh1020 09-12-13 06:01 AM

Miami Heat sign Michael Beasley to training camp contract

Michael Beasley is back with the Miami Heat… at least for training camp.

The Miami Heat have signed Beasley to a training camp contract, something first reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports and confirmed by the team. The deal is for one year at the veteran minimum ($1 million for him) and this is not guaranteed. He can be cut.

“Michael had the best years of his career with us. We feel that he can help us,” Heat president Pat Riley said in a released statement.

This summer the Heat have now added Beasley and Greg Oden, the two biggest draft busts of the past decade. Remember it was the Heat who drafted Beasley No. 2 (just after Derrick Rose) and he was coached by Erik Spoelstra and was teammates with Dwyane Wade. Both signings are not a bad roll of the dice by Miami.

Beasley was waived by the Suns after another arrest for marijuana possession. Beasley has an ability to score the basketball and some things he does well that would fit nicely within the Heat system — he’s a strong corner three shooter (nearly 40 percent for his career) and his ability to put the ball on the floor and drive when a defender closes out too hard would be welcome.

But Beasley hasn’t made good decisions anywhere on his stops through the NBA — his game has regressed every year since he was in Miami (in terms of efficiency). He hasn’t played within the system anywhere, so we should’t expect it here. His biggest statistical success in points per game came in Minnesota, when a team that needed offense let him go off in isolation a lot. It didn’t work out well if you’re into winning games. Aside that Beasley has just not fit in systems, not played defense.

If you want to believe that will be different in Miami, go ahead. The Heat have only 13 players on their roster, so there is room. Just don’t bet the rent money on it working out.

The Heat didn’t, they made a small bet and that is not a bad play to see if things are different.

Link to article: Miami Heat sign Michael Beasley to training camp contract | ProBasketballTalk

MRJONESIII 09-12-13 08:06 AM


Originally Posted by Spurd_On (Post 1304727)
and the answer is......Miami Heat. I think that the Heat may have 17 players signed.

I think they only have 13.

Dulce 09-14-13 11:12 PM

I think they have 122 players signed, you know, just in case.

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