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alh1020 08-25-13 05:44 PM

Royal Ivey to work out with Rockets, Spurs
Teams are now in the “who should we get for roster spot 13/14/15” mode, looking at names you know but will have little impact during the season.

Names such as Royal Ivey, who has been in the NBA for nine seasons and spent the last one in Philadelphia, where he averaged 3.2 points a game in the 53 games where he stepped on the court. He shot 42 percent from three and has been over 40 percent three of the last four years.

Teams like guys who can space the floor a little.

Ivey has some workouts coming up with Houston and San Antonio, something Rotoworld pointed out. He likely will have more on teams looking to add a little depth.

Both Texas teams where he his working out seem unlikely landing spots for Ivey and this would be more of just a camp invite. Houston has 18 guys being invited to camp and while some of them such as Patrick Beverley and Jordan Henriquez do not have guaranteed contracts some will make the roster there is not a ton or room. Same with the Spurs, who will start Tony Parker at the point then try to figure out the backup minutes between Cory Joseph, Patty Mills and Nando De Colo.

But Ivey and some other guys are getting looks right now for those few spots at the end of the bench.

Link to story: Royal Ivey to work out with Rockets, Spurs | ProBasketballTalk

Spurd_On 08-25-13 09:32 PM

Unlikely landing spot seems like an understatement. The Spurs do not even need him for training fodder with all of the guards they have. I think it may be more of a courtesy to his manager.

grizzly_bexar 08-25-13 10:09 PM

He is a good defender and can hit the three. Hopefully not needed if cj is ready to go as backup pg.

WILLTHETHRILL 08-25-13 10:39 PM

more guards.........great!

Mombear 08-25-13 11:29 PM


MRJONESIII 08-26-13 11:21 AM

Need a true BACK UP SF!

clovisnmspurfan 08-26-13 03:29 PM


Originally Posted by MRJONESIII (Post 1304504)
Need a true BACK UP SF!

<!-- END TEMPLATE: newpost_quote -->Ditto

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