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alh1020 08-23-13 01:28 PM

Sixers need to add salary -- can we help??
Sixers need to add $10 million in salary to make minimum

We talk a lot about the salary cap and luxury tax on this site, the numbers farther up the NBA play ladder, but there is a floor, too ó teams need to have at least 90 percent of the salary cap filled, or $52.81 million on the books this season.

With the addition of Tony Wroten, the Sixers have 11 guaranteed contracts (if you count first round picks) totaling $42.8 million ó new Sixers GM Sam Hinkie needs to add $10 million in salary by the end of the season to make the minimum. (Salary figures via Sham Sports and Hoopsworld.) If they donít make the number the penalty isÖ just having to pay what they are short to the league. So, nothing really.

This is a young team with Evan Turner, Nerlens Noel, Michael Carter Williams, Royce Young, and Arnett Moultrie all on their rookie deals. The highest paid Sixer is Thaddeus Young at $8.9 million and only four Sixers make more than the league average (the others are Turner, Spencer Hawes and Jason Richardson).

Itís one of the reasons the Sixers made the Wroten deal, he is owed $1.2 million next season.
Itís just something to watch. The Sixers are rebuilding and are not going to take on long-term contracts for overpaid veterans, but they are going to have to take on some salary somewhere. They can absorb a deal in an unbalanced trade to make the mark; they may take on a contract another team wants to dump.

One way or another Philadelphia has to add $10 million in salary before the season ends. So expect some kind of move.

Link to story: Sixers need to add $10 million in salary to make minimum | ProBasketballTalk

WILLTHETHRILL 08-23-13 04:00 PM


Spurd_On 08-23-13 05:17 PM

Interesting. I wasn't aware that there even was a League minimum let alone that a team was under it. Where were they when all of the free agents were still available after passing on Bynum?

alh1020 08-23-13 06:29 PM

They didn't have a head coach on board and there was the rumor of tanking the season being bandied about.

b1gdon 08-23-13 08:27 PM

They'll wait for one of the teams flirting with or over the tax line and are under performing at mid season to take on a salary dump for some draft picks. Let's hope we have nothing to do with this because it means we're having a bad season.

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