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Flipmode Master 08-18-13 03:51 PM

David Robinson should work with Spursí Big Men
The San Antonio Spurs are entering next season with the bitter taste of defeat in their mouths, and they will be hell-bent on trying to make it back to the NBA Finals to redeem themselves. One of the major factors that will determine their chances of grabbing that fifth title will be the development of their young frontline. Tim Duncan will remain Tim Duncan but it is the other players like Baynes, Pendegraph, and Splitter that the Spurs need to improve.

David Robinson should work with Spurs? Big Men

Uwe Blab 08-18-13 09:38 PM

David Robinson might be able to teach some defensive techniques, but the big men on the roster can't duplicate much of it because they have one tenth the athleticism of Robinson, even in 2003. Offensively, Robinson wasn't a banger in the post, he used quickness to get around defenders or he shot a midrange jumper, all of which these big men do not, and will never have. Don't get me wrong, I think he could teach some things, but his game was completely different from what these guys need to do.

thesuspence281 08-18-13 10:30 PM

If I had a choice I think I would rather get Bruce Bowen on the coaching staff to teach defensive techniques and tricks of the trade to people like kawhi and Joseph. As long as he doesn't wear those bow ties every night hah

exit7 08-18-13 11:59 PM

It's a bit redundant to try and get Dave in there to teach them. Seeing as how we have the best big man of his era still playing on the team. If Roy Hibbert is taking lessons from duncan, can we assume that duncan is giving our guys tips too? I would hope so.

Flipmode Master 08-19-13 01:01 PM

Duncan is a player...he has routines he has to do and 82 game schedule to worry about--versus bringing Drob in to help young players before or after practices.

polk 08-19-13 02:57 PM

What exactly would he teach them?? Typically when you hear about people going to "a big man's camp" or getting tutored by a former NBA big man, it is because that big man is teaching them some type of signature move - post moves (footwork, etc), Dream Shake, Sky Hook, McHale's up and under, etc. David Robinson didn't have a signature move and his footwork wasn't great. If Duncan is too busy take the 45 minute flight to Houston and learn from Dream.

clovisnmspurfan 08-19-13 04:27 PM

Talented players do not always make good teachers.

grizzly_bexar 08-19-13 06:24 PM

Yeah, the great player = great teacher thing doesn't usually work out. Robinson really didn't have much post game and everything else was based on his intelligence and athleticism, traits that aren't teachable.

clovisnmspurfan 08-19-13 06:58 PM


exit7 08-20-13 03:23 AM

Apparently it worked out well enough, that players came back to duncan this year.

Flipmode Master 08-20-13 07:53 AM

I still think he has something to offer our bigmen...couldnt hurt. Defensively he has some knowledge that is valuable...the article didnt say he should be a coach but maybe a consultant.

e_93gsx 08-22-13 09:27 AM

Dude gave years of great service and still does a lot of good for San Antonio. Unless he is the one wanting to do it let the guy have some peace.

clovisnmspurfan 08-22-13 03:55 PM


Originally Posted by exit7 (Post 1304421)
Apparently it worked out well enough, that players came back to duncan this year.

An exception to the rule.

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