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choppsboy 08-15-13 09:31 AM

DeShaun Thomas to play in spain
From ESPN Rumor page (no link due to needing to be an "insider")

Where Thomas will play this season
August, 15, 2013
AUG 15
By Nick Borges | ESPN.com
Forward DeShaun Thomas was selected by the San Antonio Spurs with the No. 58 pick in the 2013 NBA draft, however he won't play for the team this upcoming season.

According to Gigantes with translation from Sportando.net, the forward is close to finalizing a contract with Spanish side Estudiantes. The deal will likely include an NBA-out clause which will allow Thomas to get out of the contract after the 2013-14 season.

Thomas played well for San Antonio during the Las Vegas Summer League as he averaged 12.4 points, 5 rebounds and 1.2 assists, but his effort was not good enough for the Spurs to offer him a contract.

The Spurs have 14 players under contract and they may keep that spot open heading into the season. They will likely focus on the small forward position should they decide to fill the 15th spot.

Spurd_On 08-15-13 10:24 AM

Good. This means the Spurs think he still holds promise but needs to work on a few things. So far, it's not a wasted draft pick and they are holding on to his rights.

MichaelWi101 08-15-13 12:58 PM

Much better that he plays in Spain than sitting on the bench here. Also, it sort of points out that they Spurs think he's at least a year or two away from even being able to profit from the D-League

xcell31 08-15-13 02:28 PM

Maybe somebody can inform me, but what's the advantage or idea to sending our players like Denmon and Thomas overseas instead of recruiting them for the Toros?

steefposton 08-15-13 03:52 PM

They sign a contract with the overseas team and we hold their rights. If we don't sign them to a contract and they play for the Toros, anyone can sign them.

grizzly_bexar 08-15-13 03:54 PM

If they play for the toros one of two things happens. Either we have them under contract and they take up a spurs roster spot and salary even though they have no chance of playing here this year, or they are only under contract with the toros and not the spurs in which case we lose their rights and any nba team can take them if the light goes on and they get really good.

Spurd_On 08-15-13 05:37 PM

All of the above plus he can negotiate a contract where he might make more than he would in the D-League.

clovisnmspurfan 08-15-13 08:51 PM

Actually now being reported he is going to France, more money and a better deal.

WILLTHETHRILL 08-15-13 09:23 PM

If he plays for the Toros he would have an NBA contract from the Spurs. If that's the case the teams would do the same thing and pay the guy less money to develop on minor league wages.

xcell31 08-16-13 09:28 AM

Thanks for the clarification y'all . That makes total sense.

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