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disciple 08-06-13 08:55 PM

Back to Backs
5 in November
4 in December
3 in January
2 in February
3 in March
2 in April

That's a total of 19.

How does that compare ?

Eddy from Austin 08-06-13 09:54 PM

Lakers 19
Rockets 18
Bulls 17
Clippers 17
Mavs 16
Heat 16
Warriors 15
Thunder 15

spurscrazed 08-06-13 10:08 PM

So Do Spurs have the MOST B2B Games? :smirk

Eddy from Austin 08-06-13 10:18 PM

The range of back-to-back sets in the 2013-14 NBA schedule ranges rom 14 to 21.

The Charlotte Bobcats will have the most back-to-back sets in the NBA next season. The league's schedule was released on Tuesday and saw a wide range of back-to-backs. The Bobcats lead all teams with 21 while the New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets have the fewest with 14 each.

The defending champion Miami Heat has 17 back-to-back sets, while the reigning Western Conference title-holders, the San Antonio Spurs, have 19.

Other notable teams include the Oklahoma City Thunder (15), Brooklyn Nets (16) Golden State Warriors (15), Los Angeles Clippers (17) and Los Angeles Lakers (19)

Here's the entire back-to-back counts for all 30 teams.

Charlotte Bobcats: 21

Cleveland Cavaliers: 20

Detroit Pistons: 20

Utah Jazz: 20

Washington Wizards: 20

Indiana Pacers: 20

Milwaukee Bucks: 20

Boston Celtics: 20

Minnesota Timberwolves: 20

Philadelphia 76ers: 20

Atlanta Hawks: 19

Los Angeles Lakers: 19

Portland Trail Blazers: 19

Sacramento Kings: 19

San Antonio Spurs: 19

New Orleans Pelicans: 19

Phoenix Suns: 18

Toronto Raptors: 18

Houston Rockets: 18

Orlando Magic: 18

Memphis Grizzlies: 18

Miami Heat: 17

Los Angeles Clippers: 17

Chicago Bulls: 17

Brooklyn Nets: 16

Dallas Mavericks: 16

Golden State Warriors: 15

Oklahoma City Thunder: 15

New York Knicks: 14

Denver Nuggets: 14

Eddy from Austin 08-06-13 10:24 PM


Originally Posted by spurscrazed (Post 1304109)
So Do Spurs have the MOST B2B Games? :smirk

I had the Lakers at 18 but I counted wrong

b1gdon 08-07-13 01:56 PM

I hate to be all conspiratorial, but the bottom of the list is a who's who of big market/high TV ratings contenders (NYK, LAC, Chi, Bkn, GSW, Mia, Okc) while the three finals ratings nightmare contenders (Mem, SA, Ind) are all in the top half. The only team missing from the TV favorites is Houston.

exit7 08-07-13 04:50 PM

Eh, I guess you could look at it as a conspiracy, lol. But at least our back to backs are front loaded (9 in Nov/Dec, 10 the rest of the year) If we can make it to January with a good record then maybe it will be smooth sailing. The heat may have fewer back to backs than the spurs, but if you look at their schedule in march (5 B2B's and a stretch of 4 games in 5 nights), I think I prefer the extra back to backs.

On a side note, the spurs have 19 B2B's, and yet there are 11 times where they have 2 consecutive days off, 2 times with 3 consecutive days off, and 2 times with 4 consecutive days off. I understand the National TV schedule makes it difficult to schedule these games evenly, but I feel like they could cut 3 or 4 preseason games out and eliminate B2B's altogether..

Spurd_On 08-07-13 09:01 PM

The Rodeo Road Trip may always keeps the Spurs high on the list of B2bs.

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