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Flipmode Master 07-29-13 01:51 PM

Top 3 Spurs that need to Improve—Pronto
The San Antonio Spurs had a modest offseason so far; they kept the team together that got them to the NBA Finals(for the most part). The team is starting to resemble the 2003 championship Spur team because of the mixture of veterans and young stars on the roster.

Top 3 Spurs that need to Improve?Pronto

Spurd_On 07-29-13 02:21 PM

I agree with all of that. I think the Spurs probably were also when they established their roster for next season and likely gave all 3 an off-season regimen to work on.

grizzly_bexar 07-29-13 02:33 PM

I would actually put Cory Joseph at the top of the list. And with Danny, I just don't think he has it in him to be a slashing and rim attacking player. I do think Leonard will make the leap to borderline all-star next year.

Go instead of focusing on him driving and slashing, I would like to see us use him in post op situations more as a way to get him going. I was surprised in a way that we didn't try that against the heat. They were allowed to get away with a lot defensively because James didn't have to focus on Leonard accept as a spot up shooter.

spurduncan21 07-29-13 04:45 PM

We need to get Mo Williams and trade either CJ or De colo with Blair somewhere for a sf in return

MRJONESIII 07-29-13 05:48 PM


Originally Posted by spurduncan21 (Post 1303926)
We need to get Mo Williams and trade either CJ or De colo with Blair somewhere for a sf in return


spurscrazed 07-29-13 11:31 PM

I wish......

That would be nice to have all those three Spurs players mentioned in this article improve...

I wish... Don't we all wish!

I also wish that Cory Joseph gets control of his game better and create better for his teammates. Let's face it backing up TP had been such a greatly difficult thing in this Popovich Era!!!

I wish all that and moreover I dream that my Spurs FO will find a veteran back up to Tony!

Go Spurs Go

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