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SilverSpur 07-24-13 03:15 AM

No sign and Trade for Gary Neal and Bobcats
Rick Bonnell: Gary Neal isn't an option for Bobcats without a sign-and trade. That hasn't been discussed. Spurs might prefer to move on. Twitter @rick_bonnell

Guapo 07-24-13 02:01 PM

Could the qualifying offer have been removed only to bring him back for a lower price or does everyone just assume he is as good as gone?

Mombear 07-24-13 06:52 PM

naw... he's gone.

grizzly_bexar 07-25-13 12:05 AM

Would like to see us get something back. I like Joseph and Mills, but if we're not going to play them, I'd like to have a good veteran in the backup PG slot.

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