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tmengd 07-18-13 05:52 PM

Miller has 4 Possible suiters including Spurs
What would you guys think of Mike Miller?

Report: Spurs a possible suitor for Mike Miller

spurduncan21 07-18-13 06:02 PM

Eh not too crazy but pop would certainly get the most out of him

katyspursfan 07-18-13 06:13 PM

Might be just a BIT funny if Spurs sign Miller, Neal signs qualifying offer, Spurs cut Neal.

In a "I'm glad that's not my millions of dollars" kind of way.

WILLTHETHRILL 07-18-13 06:14 PM

I know in the past through an insider that indicated he was a target.

Orient Express 07-18-13 06:37 PM

Don't they already have too many SGs/smaller wings? Green, Ginobili, Bellinelli, DeColo (sort of)...gotta be either a SF or a C/PF for that last spot, no?

alh1020 07-18-13 06:42 PM

We're interested in Oden; we're interested in Miller; we're interested in Mo Williams; should we sign Neal; what do we do with Deshaun Thomas. We only got one roster spot left and so many players to choose from ---- will it be a 'first come; first sign' proposition? I know we're only 18 days into free agency but the suspense is killing me.

grizzly_bexar 07-18-13 06:54 PM

I wouldn't mind Miller, I guess, but we wouldn't be able to cover for him defensively like Lebron and the Heat can.

Realistically, I can't see much of a role for him here. Green and Kawhi are good shooters on the wing already. I don't see who we sit to have him play.

I'd rather have Mo Williams, and I'm not really a huge fan of his.

drcantgetright 07-18-13 07:41 PM

Definitely would take Mo over Miller....but I would be happy to have miller and give him Bonner's minutes

Guapo 07-19-13 03:35 AM

A person with knowledge of the situation said Thunder general manager Sam Presti was scheduled to fly to Miami to meet with Mike Miller this week. Oklahoman

Read more at HoopsHype - NBA Rumors

Guapo 07-19-13 03:36 AM

If OKC signed Miller to a one-year contract, the league would reimburse the Thunder approximately $515,000. On a minimum contract, only $884,293 of Miller's deal would then be included in the Thunder's team salary. That's the same amount guard DeAndre Liggins is owed and could suggest that Liggins, who is not guaranteed his salary if he doesn't make the regular season roster, would be replaced by the veteran Miller. Center Daniel Orton, who also is on a non-guaranteed contract, could be released as well. Orton is set to earn roughly $916,000 next season.

Read more at HoopsHype - NBA Rumors

polk 07-19-13 08:54 AM

Miller can't help here. We've already got one Bonner and one Neal (per se). No need to add the same player in Miller. The prospoect of Mo Williams is much more enticing.

alh1020 07-19-13 10:35 AM

Based on past experience, the only plus I can see with having Miller would be that his 3 point shooting warms up when playoff time rolls around, verus Neal and Bonner being erratic, inconsistent and doing a slow fade. Plus he might come a little cheaper due to the amnesty.

esparzar1 07-19-13 11:51 AM

HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!! In a second. Waaaaaaaay better than Bonner and/or Neal. Can play the SF position, decent defender, good rebounder and championship pedegree. For cheap??? HELL YES!!! Nuff'said

clovisnmspurfan 07-19-13 01:42 PM

If we are going to sign all these players we better get a longer bench.

katyspursfan 07-19-13 03:29 PM


Originally Posted by clovisnmspurfan (Post 1303576)
If we are going to sign all these players we better get a longer bench.

And a new CBA...

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