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HeloteSpurs 07-11-13 10:31 AM

Chris Kaman vs. Tiago Splitter
I am still VERY bitter about the resigning of Tiago Splitter and his $9 million a season contract. Once Dwight Howard decided to chose Houston, the Lakers signed Chris Kaman to a 1 year deal with 3.2 million. So here I am asking myself, why didn't the Spurs go after him if he can be signed for such a minimal amount?

So my question for all of you is, who would you rather have with their current contracts?

Chris Kaman (Who in my opinion is underrated, he is a legit big man who can score on the low post, and has said positive things about the Spurs and has a love for Texas) at 3.2 million or Tiago Splitter (Who choked in the finals, but does play better defense then Kaman) at $9 million?

Please don't answer if you've never seen the guy play (Kaman), I know many of you are Spurs fans, and Spurs fans only so you love anyone in a Spurs uniform, but please be realistic about Splitter, he is not that good.

esparzar1 07-11-13 10:48 AM

Tough to say, Tiago had a solid season, gives us good defense and solid understanding of PnR offense and defense. Kaman would give us more shooting/scoring but is a bit older and doesn't play defense as well. Tiago did choke in the finals but played well enough leading up to the finals. It's very subjective. Right now, the going rate for solid centers is $7-10 mil per year. Can't do much about it, plus he knows the system already. Who's to say Kaman would have picked up the system and helped right away :shrug.

I personally didn't like the Tiago signing for the amount but I mos'def think that Kaman would not solve anything and would actually hurt the Spurs more than Tiago. Tiago isn't great but the Spurs got what they needed out of him the entire season and the entire playoffs, except for the Finals. Could we as fans say the same thing if we had Kaman? Doubtful.........

grizzly_bexar 07-11-13 10:58 AM

They each have their strengths. Kaman is a better rebounder and low post offensive player. Splitter is a better pick and roll player on both ends and a better position defender.

With splitter, we have more confidence that he will be healthy and able to play. Kamans history suggests the opposite. Plus with splitter we know we will have the starting center position locked down for the next three years. You cannot say that about Kaman.

joyner 07-11-13 10:58 AM

There's really very little comparison between the two. At a glance they look similar - similar points, Splitter just a bit better in rebounding, assists, and turnovers, but Splitter's putting up comparable stats while using far less of the team's possessions. Per 36, Kaman averages 18.3 points while Splitter averages 15.1, but Kaman needs 6.2 more shots to get those points, using up 25% of the possessions while he's on the floor. Splitter gets 15.1 points while only using 18.2% of the team's possessions, turning the ball over less. Significantly better true shooting percentage, much better distributor (assists on 10% of all scores while he's on the floor), and a much better offensive player while being comparable defensively.

And on top of that, Splitter's improved two years in a row, Kaman peaked five years ago.

choppsboy 07-11-13 12:02 PM

Some other differences. Kaman (who I like) is 3 years older and has many more miles on his body than tiago. He has only had 3 healthy seasons out of his 10 years in the league, and the best PER he has ever had was 17.26 back in '07/'08 while Splitter's average PER for his 3 NBA seasons is 18.41.

Kaman also can't run the pick and roll and needs the ball in the deep post to work which doesn't fit at all with our offense.

Flipmode Master 07-11-13 01:04 PM

Kaman was horrible last season...hasn't been the same since he left the clippers...Splitter is definitely the better center...HANDS DOWN.

doom32x4 07-11-13 01:08 PM


Spurs Fans: the grass is always greener.

joyner 07-11-13 01:09 PM


Originally Posted by doom32x4 (Post 1303171)
Spurs fans: the grass is always greener.

And every single free agent could sign with the Spurs, regardless of our cap situation, and would probably take less money for the chance to win a championship

Spurd_On 07-11-13 01:38 PM

I was hoping this thread would be about an upcoming WWF match.

katyspursfan 07-11-13 04:25 PM

I still like the Belinelli signing.
You don't get both Kaman and Marco.

drcantgetright 07-11-13 08:28 PM

Dollar for Dollar, I would take Kaman IF can stay healthy...but that is a BIG IF. In my opinion, Kaman has lost a step and bogs down the offense. His rotation on D is not that great either.

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