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spurscrazed 06-26-13 12:49 PM

Video: R.C Buford on Draft and Player Evaluation!!
R.C. Buford on team evaluation | video | THE OFFICIAL SITE OF THE SAN ANTONIO SPURS

Spurs GM R.C. Buford talks to the media about the Draft and Player Evaluation!!!!

R.C said that if you feel there are guys that can help you then you would get them. If they are not available then you just don't.

R.C said Spurs FO identified a group but they don't know what will happen....

R.C Danced around questions as usual because he can't say more than he can........

R.C Said he wants Manu to finish his career in San Antonio!!!!!

R.C said he would like to draft a player that can do what Tim does... Joking.... Don't we all wish! :D

R.C said Tiago is a great fit here but we can't say we can keep him until we hear any offer sheet from other teams.

Go Spurs Go!

alh1020 06-26-13 01:23 PM

At this point in time, any question the media asks is similar to the one asked of Pop during the Finals, “How are you going to defense against the Heat?” and Pop’s reply was “I can’t tell you that.” Realistically, all RC can definitely say is ‘we have our needs and wants’…..’we have identified a few people who we like’…….’we hope someone becomes available at #28’. In other words, ‘We’ll wait and see what evolves’. So park yourself in front of the tube with a cold one or few and enjoy the show.

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