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MichaelWi101 06-26-13 12:00 PM

LIfe After Pop and Tim
I realize that we have 1 maybe 2 years with them left, but what the hey, who would you like to see succeed Pop as head coach.

Personally I like to see Monty Williams who's now in NO, head this way.

He's defensive minded, not a blow hard, seems to have the same type of work ethic and belief system that the Spurs embody.

spurscrazed 06-26-13 12:28 PM

The Head Coach after Pop should be one of our former coaching staff or any former Defensive Specialists Spurs players IMO.

thesuspence281 06-26-13 12:31 PM

Bruce Bowen :)

scarlet 06-26-13 12:51 PM

Manu would make a great coach. Personally it is life after rc Buford that worries me.

alh1020 06-26-13 01:40 PM

Life after Pop and Tim? For one, you can’t replace either Pop or Tim --- they’re irreplaceable. Pop is the longest tenured active coach with over 900+ wins and TD is the best power forward the NBA has ever since. Both have 4 championship rings on their hands and are sure 1st time eligible Hall of Fame inductees. This is a question that has given both RC Buford and Peter Holt, I’m sure, many sleepless nights and they may have a suitable answer for, for now, but all I can give you as an answer to this question is: It’s going to be real interesting.

katyspursfan 06-26-13 05:27 PM

And THIS is the question on why I want HOU to get Howard.
Relevant basketball.

Once Pop is gone, I fear for the Spurs.
We all know Timmy is leaving, as '10-'12 proved. That CAN'T be ignored.
Once Pop leaves, the guiding force will be gone. I, honestly, don't see the rest of the players looking at SA in the same light. Pop is the system. When he is gone, the Spurs become just another small market team looking to break even.

Man, I hope I'm wrong.

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