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spurscrazed 06-25-13 05:33 PM

OKC trying to Land #1 pick from the Cavs!
Chad Ford of ESPN.com reported today that the Oklahoma City Thunder are a one of a few teams that has been proactive in trying to trade with the Cavs for the top pick.

They are engaged in trade talks with a number of teams. Sources say the Thunder, Timberwolves and Blazers have been the most proactive in trying to get the No. 1 pick — but so far neither team has persuaded the Cavs to move out of the top pick.


Uwe Blab 06-25-13 05:42 PM

Who would the Thunder give up? Ibaka? Westbrook?

grizzly_bexar 06-25-13 05:54 PM

Let them get the number one pick. They'd have to give up a major asset to do that and I doubt it would really help them with the next two years. Given who is on the board in this years draft.

JuanCaca 06-25-13 06:31 PM

kevin martin...

MichaelWi101 06-25-13 06:57 PM


spurscrazed 06-25-13 08:20 PM


Originally Posted by JuanCaca (Post 1301064)
kevin martin...

ESPN is reporting Kevin Martin is offered.

I am pretty sure they will not offer Durant!

JuanCaca 06-25-13 08:22 PM

lol. is the logical choice

wondering if theyre stoopid enough to bite...

spurscrazed 06-25-13 09:40 PM

What OKC said is they will not offer any of those three. Durant, Westbrook, or Ibaka.

Who is left LOL.. Of course Kevin Martin and whoever....

The Thunder currently owns the No. 12, No. 29 and No. 32 picks in the draft.
Would those three picks be enough?

Thunder need to get a Center or BIG! They are looking for better Defense and to replace Perkins soon when his contract expires.

Moving up is a GREAT MOVE!

If Sam Presti is a draft day Magician! We have RC who trained Sam here.... :D

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