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Proof That Pop Is Humble, Aware, & Human

It took a lot of searching but I found an old interview where Pop comes dangerously close to admitting he was wrong and if nothing else holds himself accountable. Check out the full interview for a great look back on reflections from 2005 championship run. We might have to wait awhile for current self-analysis. After all he's healing. I'm not sure how bashing himself publicly will help him in that process let alone serve as a rallying point for the 2013 season.


Q. I'm going to try this for the third time to ask you this question.
Q. Now that you have three titles in seven years --
COACH GREGG POPOVICH: So bored of this. So boring.
Q. Let me ask you this.
Q. About you? You always say --
COACH GREGG POPOVICH: Let's talk about Iraq or something that matters. But it doesn't matter. But go ahead, it's your deal. I'm supposed it sit here and answer. I apologize.
Q. That's okay. It's part of the game.
Q. You always say that it's your job, and you have success if you don't mess it up. Can you assess what you did in the sidelines in this series, is it simply not messing it up, or is it actually mixing it up perhaps with defenses?
COACH GREGG POPOVICH: I probably did some good things and I probably made some mistakes. I mean, don't you think that's fair? That's probably what happened. There were -- you know, you go back after a game, there's always something the next day, why did I do that, why did I do this. And probably we did something good and we want to continue to did it. It's always a little bit of both, but when you talk about those championships or credit and that kind of thing, that involves a lot of people. My staff is great. They have ideas that sometimes I don't even think of them. During the game tonight, I'm saying, we're going to, you know, Bruce will be -- (shaking head). So we change it. So really it's a participatory sort of thing, honestly, that we do. Everything can have an opinion. Obviously I have to make the final decision and we go with it, but I'm blessed with guys that have the character and judgment to know that when we decide something, that's what we are all going to do.

I know not everyone agrees but I still say "In Pop We Trust"!!!!!!

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