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esparzar1 06-20-13 10:59 PM

Kawhi is already a star!
Gonna be awesome, a star already and only will get better! Stay classy Spurs fans, we're not goin anywhere!!!!

Uwe Blab 06-20-13 11:00 PM

Yes, they need to start building around Tony and KY.

DDAMAGE 06-20-13 11:00 PM

So true! We need to find a playmaker that create his own shot. I like Green but he cant do it.

ATHENEA 06-20-13 11:07 PM

Kawhi is the future, no doubt :)

lynn7mo 06-20-13 11:23 PM

Pop was right about him.

WILLTHETHRILL 06-20-13 11:51 PM

I'm proud of him. He missed a crucial free throw in Game 6 but other than that he did awesome. He played with a pair at least.

MRJONESIII 06-21-13 12:21 AM

Give me Al Jefferson and Jr Smith.

Kager 06-21-13 04:58 AM

Kawhi was a star this series, he just keeps his head in the game and plays hard.

BTW leave JR Smith at the store he is not interested in D..... or passing.

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