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MichaelWi101 06-18-13 11:16 PM

End of Game Decisions
and play by the Spurs were absolutely horrible. Taking Tim out, missing free throws, ridiculous substitutions, what a mess.

Oh and good to see Manu revert to form. Sorry, but when Tony is being guarded by LeBron Manu HAS TO PLAY BETTER AND HE'S BEEN MEDIOCRE AT BEST except for one game.

Uwe Blab 06-18-13 11:20 PM

Yeah, some coaching moves that had me scratching my head. But 1 missed FT by "I'm back" Ginobili and one by KY is what kept them alive.

JuanCaca 06-18-13 11:34 PM

i tought 8 turnovers by manu keep them alive ...sorry for being hard on manu.... but i was seeing timmy in my mind getting his finals mvp already

cliff5000 06-18-13 11:36 PM

Nothing was bigger the Pop's decision to put Duncan on the bench in the clutch. The missed free throws was icing on the cake if you Miami.

Hopefully the Spurs didn't miss their opportunity to claim a 5ft title. With them being so close down the stretch, they had to play key players extended minutes and that doesn't bold well for Thursday's game.....!

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