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LAsucksForever 06-17-13 10:02 PM

Theory: Spoelstra's Game 6 adjustment
Miami goes big again. Mike Miller goes back to the bench while Chris Andersen starts in the middle. Miller gives you nothing on defense and contributed ZERO points in his two starts. He's not even an effective decoy when you know that LeBron, Dwyane, and Ray are going to get all the shots. Andersen would at least bang on Tim for the first few minutes of each half on defense, and drag Manu into the post if the Spurs try to stay small. Andersen's plus/minus is way better than Udonis Haslem's this series. Thoughts?

SASBaller21 06-18-13 04:37 AM

I honestly believe that they will stay small and possibly start Ray Allen. Get more of an offense punch for the starting crew, plus whoever guards him will spend energy chasing him off screens.

TimmyDthaWay2B 06-18-13 04:43 AM

They will almodt definately go back to turd man.

firefox86182 06-18-13 06:16 AM

miami isnt going big. if anything they may give anderson haslem minutes. but even that may be a stretch considering that haslem does a better job on duncan than the bird man. the problem is that duncan destroys the birdman everytime...thats the reason why he hasnt seen the floor.

firefox86182 06-18-13 06:18 AM

I see more of the same as last game but more amped up. expect miami to throw kitchen the sink at us...in terms of effort and hussle. I expect them to come out swinging, they're going to be playing for there lives and the spurs are going to have to start strong. for the love of god keep a man on allen.

spursfan9 06-18-13 07:41 AM


stuffedmushroomz 06-18-13 08:07 AM

If Ray Allen doesn't start,

Norris Cole will.

My theory:

If Cole was the main reason why Manu wasn't able to get going, off the bench, then they'll have him tryin to stop him from the starting line up.

Just what I think will happen.

spurscrazed 06-18-13 08:59 AM

Honestly whatever Spoelstra changed in his line up, Pop will Counter with Spurs subbs.

Most likely Spoelstra will put Birdman back and his regular season line up.

And Nothing Spoelstra can do to change the HEAT failed defensive schemes.

Pop will put the best Spurs combination of Spurs defenders and Spurs will outplay the HEAT!

Go Spurs Go!:rock

LAsucksForever 06-18-13 10:08 AM

FWIW, Antonio Davis agrees with me.

MichaelWi101 06-18-13 10:15 AM

Much like Manu did in SA in game 5, starting tattoo man would give the heat an emotional lift in front of their home crowd. It could backfire big time if he's so amped up that he plays stupidly which he has been known to do in the past.

KAD 06-18-13 12:12 PM

Pop should stay with his plan and let the Heat counter

Uwe Blab 06-18-13 12:48 PM


Originally Posted by KAD (Post 1299949)
Pop should stay with his plan and let the Heat counter

I agree. If Pop stays small, the Heat will have to go back to small ball anyway because game 5's lineup would torch them. I think we'll see more Ray Allen, as others have said.

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