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Guapo 06-17-13 06:53 PM

How Danny Green almost landed in Brooklyn
In a discussion Sunday night, Avery Johnson revealed a bit of Nets history we would like to un-hear, un-know: that the Nets were thisclose to getting Danny Green.

After the Spurs' win over the Heat, Green's' shooting was a hot topic on First Take, hosted by Stephen A. Smith. Johnson took the opportunity to talk about how good he thought Green was during his tenure at Nets coach.

AJ: "I remember with the Nets, Billy King and I, we were trying convince Pop to cut Danny Green so we could bring him at the time to New Jersey."

SAS: "You were trying to hoodwink Pop?

AJ: "YES!" (all laugh)

SAS: "Oh my goodness! You were trying to hoodwink Pop."

AJ: "And Pop said if he has one more bad game we're going to cut him and he made a bunch of threes in this one particular game and he kept him."

If so, sounds like January 7, 2012, when Green hit 3 of 4 three pointers on the way to 24 points in 33 minutes.

The Nets didn't get Danny Green, but on February 27, 2012, seven weeks later, Gerald Green, Danny's cousin, signed a contract with the New Jersey Nets.

A league source, asked if he recalled the discussions, responded, "I most definitely do."

How Danny Green almost became a Net - NetsDaily

spurscrazed 06-17-13 07:55 PM

Danny Green's story makes me appreciate him more every time I see him!:)

How his former college coach Roy Williams had such a role in his development and success!

Coaches usually get attached to those who defy odd and stay determined. Danny is a survivor and a great example of how dedication and hard work pays off at the end. I noticed coach Roy Williams attending Danny's current finals looking to see Danny doing great! It just warms my heart watching his college coach looking for him.

I guess he is destined to stay a Spur!!!!

Glad we have him now, and I hope he can stay a Great Spur and we win more games with him. Especially a Championship! This is HUGE!

Go Spurs Go!

SilverSpur 06-18-13 02:19 AM

I admire Danny's will to never give up. He fought so hard to not only make it in the nBA but he hustles and doesn't give up on plays either!

KAD 06-18-13 12:22 PM

Go Green - just 1 more time this season!

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