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Flipmode Master 06-17-13 07:21 AM

The Spurs have been showing off their high-powered offense all series long, and it has been very entertaining to watch. The Spurs’ team concept has given several players opportunities to score and be a factor in this series. This type of ball movement and sharing is something even casual basketball fans can appreciate.

NBA Finals: Are the Spurs still boring?

alh1020 06-17-13 03:21 PM

Boring? A team that has won 4 NBA Championships and is on the verge of a 5th and is constantly voted as one, if not the best, sports franchise in all of sports and has won over 50 games in over 14 straight years ----- give me boring every day. I’m a Spurs fan dating back to the days of George Gervin and Artis Gilmore and I’ll always be a fan of the silver and black ---- forever and always.

doom32x4 06-17-13 04:00 PM

Few Basketball people actually refer to the Spurs as boring. With this last incarnation (2011-13) many national articles have been written about how fun/pure the Spurs are, usually by ex players or lovers of the game.

Kager 06-17-13 06:47 PM

We are only still boring by the fact that what we are doing now we have always done.... so if it was boring before it must be boring now.

In Oz we get limited NBA gear by what the retailer thinks will sell, through this last decade and a half where we have always been in the playoffs and won 4 times I struggle to even find a TD jersey.

I am now at a place where I am actually ok with that, and enjoy watching a team that in 50 years time will go down as easily top ten runs of all time and looked at with awe at what they could achieve when there are so many "better teams on paper".

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