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spurscrazed 06-17-13 01:31 AM

DANNY Freaking GREEEEEEEEN Appreciation Thread!


LOVE the Confidence Level this Kid is playing with!
All because of Pop and our Big Three!!! :)
So much better than last year melt down in OKC!

<iframe width="853" height="480" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/sbheIFuyESc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

How Bout Danny Bad Arse Green with a new NBA Record in the PO for 3 points!

How Bout DG4!!!!

Danny Green hitting that spot-up three to give him the NBA Finals record for three pointers was so Awesome to watch!

Also on the Defensive end he was not too shabby!!!



Green’s fourth three-pointer of Game 5 against the Heat on Sunday marked his 23rd three-pointer of the series, moving him one past Heat guard Ray Allen, who made 22 in six games as a member of the title-winning Celtics against the Lakers in 2008.

The record-breaking three came with 9:39 remaining in the third quarter and gave San Antonio a 66-60 lead.



Go Danny!!
Keep Em Coming!!!
Keep it up Danny!
Don't stop until Spurs win it all!!!!
You know you spread the Floor for all your teammates!!
GREAT Job Danny!! You Rock! :rock

Rzarector7 06-17-13 01:51 AM

OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

Kager 06-17-13 06:56 PM

Bump this he is the reason the rest of the offence works as well, how TP still gets the space to do what he wants, they can't sag off him.

clovisnmspurfan 06-17-13 07:11 PM

And he can play defense!

drcantgetright 06-17-13 08:21 PM


Mombear 06-17-13 08:26 PM

:worthy :worthy :worthy

spurscrazed 06-17-13 08:27 PM

Oh check out this Article Breaks down all DG4 Finals Historical Three Points!
Breakdown: Danny Green taking advantage of Heat's bad defense
By Zach Harper | NBA writer

CLICK HERE to see all pictures and videos on all DG4 Historical Threes in these Finals


spurscrazed 06-17-13 08:33 PM


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