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scarlet 06-17-13 01:17 AM

60% shooting + 19 turnovers = not looking good
I highly doubt we are going to shoot 60% in Miami. Miami out shot us 86-70. In order for us to have a chance I say the turnovers have to be less than 10. The road to the championship is still very long and dangerous. Lets not fool ourselves into thinking we won with skill. In my opinion the heat are the better team. We have to get better.
Sorry to be so negative but it was this kind of complacency that lost game 3 as well as last years playoffs. GO SPURS GO!

Rzarector7 06-17-13 01:53 AM

Okay then do not turn it over 19 times! Then shoot 51% and you win! COOL! Each game has it's own identity!

tuncaboylu 06-17-13 03:16 AM

Yes but I'm pretty sure that Miami won't shoot 11-23 from behind the arc on Tuesday. And I'm also sure that they will not get 12 offensive rebounds again.

Yes you're right, we should know the value of the ball next game. But don't forget that the pressure is on their shoulders right now. It's a close-out game and we're very good at playing close-out games. We rarely lost them in past.

Game 6 will be very exciting.

old timer 06-18-13 10:14 AM

okay, trying to remain positive, here goes. no, the Spurs most likely not shoot 60%, but neither will Miami be likely to shoot 50+% from three point land. The spurs had a high turn over rate their last two games and one would think they will avoid that trifecta. Stanrgely, Danny was the only one really hitting any threes last game. The Spurs have not really had a "Spurs like" assist game for a while. in other words, though they were pretty much in control the other night, they have yet to play one really spectacular game this entire series. In other words, they may well be in the right spot for one tonight. I say this in spite of the way things have played here with them playing every other day.

Enough of the supporting cast has shown the ability and mind set to step up when needed to make me feel they can pull it off tonight. The major things tonight will be ball security and rebounds. Have said for a while now, the first to team to win two in a row will win. Of course the Spurs can also win just by continuing to win every other game, but it will be much easier on those with cardiac problems if they just put the whole thing to rest right here and now.

exit7 06-18-13 02:04 PM

19 turnovers is bad. But if you watched the game they had like 4-5 of those in the last few minutes of the game when it was already pretty much decided. Game 5 was as close to the ceiling for the Spurs as I've seen, yes they need to keep the turnovers down, but they won't have the lapse in judgement late in this game (hopefully). It seemed like they took their foot off the gas, when they were up 20 in the 4th.

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