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Guapo 06-16-13 01:41 AM

Duncan says Game 5 is a must win
Justin Verrier: Duncan on Game 5: it is a must-win. We don't want to be down two going back to their house. Twitter @JustinVerrier

Rzarector7 06-16-13 01:58 AM

NO SHYT!!!!!

spurscrazed 06-16-13 02:36 AM

Timmy D will Resume his CAPTAIN Role and help transfer all his Troops to the next level of the next 2 WINS to clinch!!!

All Spurs TEAM know what to do now
On this last Home Game this PO.
Do or Die.

Champions are now made on dos Floor Battles Game 5.
No time to look back.

It is SOOOO ON!!!!:smirk

Spurs, will get there safe and Proud!
2 more wins fellas!!!!!!
You can do THIS Spurs!

Go Spurs Go

truebeliever 06-16-13 07:29 AM

Game 5
I totally agree! So Far- the Spurs have played their Big 3 and average of 32 mpg- Big 3 meaning Duncan, Parker and Leonard. If you add Manu the MPG goes down to 30. Whereas - the Heat have averaged 36 MPG and Lebron averaging 41mpg.

With this in mind, The Spurs have for the most part seen what the Heat can do Offensively. The Spurs have seen Lebron play small ball with him as the Center and Lebron as the Distributor and the Series is Still tied.

Pop will adjust and be ready. It is harder to win back to back games during the season and even harder to win in a series.

WILLTHETHRILL 06-16-13 01:22 PM

Have to win or it's over.

alh1020 06-16-13 10:23 PM

G-I-N-O-B-I-L-I !!!!

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