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Mombear 06-15-13 10:16 AM

Enter it with more determination and more angry By Manu Ginobili
Enter it with more determination and more angry
By Manu Ginobili | canchallena.com
Twitter: @ manuginobili |


The fight something tangled in Manu and LeBron Jame, Miami. Photo: EFE

SAN ANTONIO. - Yet did a very detailed analysis of the game , and I wanted to release the head, enjoy my children, be quiet in my house. Tomorrow I will draw better conclusions. Yesterday I thought the game with the pillow and I experienced several times, but when you're playing live believe different things when after the party looks coldly. When you see it today I will have a better idea and Pop will show us many of the errors. Yet analyzed the game tactically, just head.

They saw that they had started badly and accelerated, forced penetration, LeBron began to take the hoop to hoop ball attacking and creating situations, and so adjusted much. In the series, so far the first game was by far the most even. Then there were clear winners and, as I have said always, reacted much better in defeat than after a victory. The team that lost the previous game came out with more determination, more hungry and playing better. The games 2, 3 and 4 were well.

I feel a little frustrated and disappointed, as we had a great opportunity to get match point, but we won well, we did not have a great game and they did. They put much more than in previous games, fought hard, were attentive in rotations and a step ahead of us, forced many losses and managed about 20 extra points after those losses. If we give them more than 15 turnovers, then it is virtually impossible to beat. They found many things like to have the performance they had. A loss easy layups, joined the put. In the previous three games had not had good effectiveness and we used to live leaving the shot. This time we were punished and Wade, LeBron and Bosh had a good night.

I'm not scoring, that is in sight. I think, except for the 2, have passed the ball well, have enabled my colleagues well. It just happens that I have not found the shot, not forcing the issue by the type of defense they do. It is costing me score, find situations, so now I'm focusing a little longer to generate, create for others. I have no problems to score less, but as long as the rest of the team scores. That makes me happy despite the 7 points. But having had a night attack and anonymous means losing hurts a little more. Simply, I'm having trouble scoring.

The fifth game will be crucial, especially for us, if we want to be champions. Go to Miami having to win both games generates too much pressure and is a very complicated task. If we get a very good game on Sunday and won, I think it is impossible. Historically the 5th is key. No I have won a series being 2-2 and losing the fifth. It happened when we fell in Oklahoma City, we spent gaining ... It is to rise to the occasion.

Logic dictates that, for as has the population, then with more determination and more angry, but that does not mean winning or yes. Their strategy sustain LeBron, Wade and Bosh, and if still pulling well we greatly complicate. I think we have to do better all: rebound, losing less balls, have better shot selection and defend a little stronger. So yes we have possibilities. I for sure aggressiveness, because we are between a rock and pared.ß .

Entraremos con más determinación y más enojados - Manu Ginóbili - canchallena.com

RealMadrid12 06-15-13 10:44 AM

great read, thanks Mombear...LETS GO SPURS!!!

spurscrazed 06-15-13 11:45 AM

BELIEVE it people.

Manu will PACE HIMSELF and Throw his DEADLY PUNCH in the next 2 games and PUNISH the HEAT!!!!!!!!!:smirk

It is not over until it is over and it is the best of SEVEN!!!
And Manu will REFUSE to LOSE!!!!

Go Manu!:rock

cgar37 06-15-13 09:05 PM

Manu will have a strong game 5. He is too important to this team and Timmy, Tony and the starters know it. Manu will let the game come to him, pass first and take shots when open. I see him driving to the basket ALOT!!! He will get the calls and make his points at the line. I also haven't totally given up on Splitter. He can still be valuable especially when Manu is playing with him. Although I believe he has been exposed and would not give him big money next year. Diaw can take his minutes if need be. So come on Manu and play big and prove me right!!!!

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