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ALSPURS 06-14-13 12:19 AM

This is the NBA Finals...VS the defending Champs....It's not gonna be easy!
I think after getting that Game 1 or the 3 point barrage in game 3 some of us(even myself) thought we could beat this Heat team on Sunday Night in 5 games...

Guess what....it's not that easy...

The Heat are good...and when they get it rolling they are very very hard to stop....and even better when there backs are against the wall...

It's 2-2...Even after tonight loss deep down you gotta feel ok for our chances...

We are not down in this series....The Heat have never had a lead..

Many of you like myself are prob saying/thinking that to win a game in MIA this late in the series will be difficult....it will be.

But if before the year started you would take us being in the Finals 2-2 with Miami and guess what we are right there...we can get one game in MIA...But it's gonna have to start with a huge effort in game #5.

Tha Championship trophy is right there for us to take... Our guys are gonna play there's asses off and hopefully they can pull it out.. I think they will.

Things in life are not always easy....the Spurs will have to set the tempo and I'm sure they will be ready to go on Sunday Night....It's a must WIN and we take it from there...But lets give this series the proper title it deserves...

A heavy weight matchup...we have a great series unfolding...

don't get to high or to low after every game..Lets go out in Game 5 and play Spurs basketball..


Mombear 06-14-13 12:57 AM

Very good post! :thumb Thanks Alspurs!!!

Uwe Blab 06-14-13 01:11 AM

Good post. I think we're all just disappointed, but in reality it's tied, they've played their best game so far and the Spurs really haven't. Hopefully it all happens soon.

Rzarector7 06-14-13 02:58 AM


Robofuzz 06-14-13 08:50 AM


polk 06-14-13 10:30 AM

This is the exact same sentiment I expressed to my friend last night while watching the game. IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE HARD!!!!

It's the Finals and the Heat are very good! They've been built to be here. Enjoy the ride.

I'm not old enough to remember the 1969 Finals but have seen clips of game 7 in LA. This was Russell's last championship and the Celtics were at the end of their dominance. They had an elders statemen in Russell and Sam Jones (Tim and Manu) mixed with a younger star with championship experience Hondo (Parker). Lakers were loaded with their Big 3 of Chamberlain, West and Baylor. The old Celtics dug down and got it done on the road in LA in a Game 7 when Chamberlain basically quit on his team.

Keep the faith Spurs fans and enjoy the ride!!!

bilboinsa 06-14-13 08:21 PM

We will stop the penetrations on Sunday. Pop will make the adjustments on the board, and the team will execute the plan. This is what the Spurs do. And getting 1 out of 2 on the road is another thing this team does.

ALSPURS 06-18-13 04:10 PM

Tonight might be the night...


spurscrazed 06-18-13 04:31 PM



Go Spurs Go!:hat

Mombear 06-18-13 05:23 PM

GO :spurs GO

:banana FireySpurs :banana FireySpurs :banana


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