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esparzar1 06-13-13 11:53 PM

I was at the game and this is what I saw, point blank, turnovers lost the game for us. No one player really showed up consistently. TP was "okay" the the 1st half, kawhi was decent in the 3rd, diaw gave us a little spark. Tiago and Manu were junk but it really was no one persons fault. Miami played very aggressive defense. Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers.......nuff said

alh1020 06-14-13 06:27 AM

There weren’t many positives to talk about from the Spurs standpoint. Miami beat us in almost every important category: rebounds (41-36); turnovers (9/18); pts in paint (50/38); FG% (53%/44%). Pop said after the game that when Bosh/Wade/James score like that (combined total 85 points), you need to play a more perfect defense. Miami was more aggressive and physical than the Spurs. The Heat knew they had to win this one and they went out and did it, attacking the rim. Aside from a few outside shots, it seems Miami played most of their offensive game between the foul line and the rim. In contrast, the Spurs seemed to always have to start above the foul line and fight to get closer. Miami played physical and got away with a lot of body contact fouls and kept at it until they were called for the fouls. From the get-go, at the tip when Splitter had that over-back call with 2 seconds off the clock; I knew we were in for a long night. I don’t like the idea of having to go back to Miami to close the series where Miami is sure to be even more physical and aggressive in front of their fans. Let's see how the Spurs comeback in Sunday's game.

Robofuzz 06-14-13 08:53 AM

What's infuriating for me to watch is for Tony to bring up the ball and dribble, probe, dribble, probe, dribble until there is almost no shot clock left. The Spurs need ball movement to beat this team. It's taking WAY too long to setup the half court offense.

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