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spurscrazed 06-10-13 03:15 PM

Spurs don’t need to adjust as much as you think for Game 3!
Spurs don't need to adjust as much as you think for Game 3 | ProBasketballTalk

It wasn’t so much the plan as the execution of it.

Despite what the final score suggests, San Antonio did a number of things right in Game 2. They once again made things difficult for LeBron James — through two games he is averaging 17.5 points on 42.4 percent shooting. He started Sunday night 2-of-12 shooting. Yes, he’s getting boards and dishing out assists and blocking Tiago Splitter at the rim, but he is not dominating games like he is capable.

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Had to laugh at one of the 7 comments in this Article


Watch LeBron’s new pick technique. He doesn’t stand straight up, he crouches with his knees spread out like a woman in labor. It was effective in taking up space, making it hard for the defender to get around it. Leaves his knees open though. I’d make him pay for that by running through a few times hard. If there is a knee to knee collision, it is his fault for trying to get cute.

MRJONESIII 06-10-13 03:27 PM

Like Pop always says, "This is a miss or make league." They made their shots, we didn't. That'll most likely change at the AT&T Center. They'll be pumped and ready to go. Wish I knew the stat on where they get their butts kicked one game to the next game performance?

Uwe Blab 06-10-13 03:29 PM

I read somewhere that while the Heat haven't lost back to back games since January, the Spurs with all three playing haven't lost back to back since December. Of course, that's skewed because there were some injuries though.

spurscrazed 06-10-13 03:55 PM

LBJ def changed his techniques to run from the defenders and look at this picture too. I guess in the post game interview after game 1 LBJ said that the Spurs would make one uncomfortable with their Defense... :drummer

From the link above and the picture too.... How come he does not get a T from hanging on the rim?:rolleyes :yikes

Uwe Spurs lost in April 3 games in a row one where they @ Lakers then @ Golden States and vs Minnesota.

I don't know the record with Spurs with 3 playing but Manu played missed few games and TD had missed few games and TP missed few games too...

However Heat only lost 2 in a row in January @ Indiana then @ Portland.

I must say Spurs played a tougher WEST and Heat played much easier teams mostly in the EAST. There is no way HEAT by making it 3 times to the finals and winning that many games are better than Spurs. Spurs had to endure more tougher opponents and Spurs had one of the toughest ROAD GAMES in the league.

Spurs will REBOUND and have a MONSTER Game 3.

Can't wait to see Spurs dominate back in game 3 then 4 then 5!!

Go Spurs Go

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