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Mombear 05-24-13 11:22 PM

Wade is a Little *****

Originally Posted by Wu-Gambino (Post 1653971)

From Pacer Digest...

ATHENEA 05-24-13 11:31 PM

Wow...WTH! That's a kickboxing move...

Rzarector7 05-24-13 11:58 PM

Around 06 when they beat Dallas I was a huge fan of this guy, the last few years though ehhhhhhhhhh, not a big fave of mine especially since he got all hollywood and got Bron etc. on his team. He is annoying now too.

jackc852 05-25-13 12:16 AM

He's weak-minded and easily frustrated. Dennis Rodman would have had a field day with him.

Dwyane Wade dirty plays #NBA - YouTube

gonzo1347 05-25-13 09:01 AM

Never really was a fan of his, but in the beginning, he was tolerable. Now, AL (after LeBron), he has become the biggest whiner and spoiled brat in the NBA. If that video isn't proof of that, then nothing is.

b1gdon 05-25-13 09:54 AM

At first, I thought it was pretty blatant, but if you look carefully, you can see that Wade is jumping out of the way.

His left foot steps to the left side of Stephenson then he is jumping to the right to get around Stevenson who is trying to slow him down getting back on D. And if you look at his right arm, he is making a swiping motion as if he is trying to clear him out of the way. I'm not in any way a DWade fan, but this isn't something flagrant or dirty.

Camera angles do the funniest things.


SleepyAdamII 05-25-13 10:44 AM

wait, you're telling me Bowen karate kicked someone other than Wally Szberiak?

doom32x4 05-25-13 01:13 PM

Bruce Lee Bowen strikes again!

JuanCaca 05-25-13 02:50 PM

i tought he doesnt have hoops lolol

thesuspence281 05-25-13 07:03 PM

I got an alert on my phone saying possible suspension for Wade since JR smith was suspended a game for throwing an elbow at Terry i think it was. I highly doubt it tho, Smith's was obvious, a case could be made that Wade's was unintentional. AND I doubt the league does anything to hurt Miami's chances this late in the postseason.

Sdayi1 05-25-13 11:21 PM

Report: NBA reviewing Dwyane Wade’s elbow of Lance Stephenson in Game 2

The NBA is reviewing Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade’s elbow to the head of Indiana Pacers guard Lance Stephenson during Friday’s Eastern Conference Finals Game 2, according to USA Today‘s Jeff Zillgitt.

The play occurred with 4:05 left in the fourth quarter of the Pacers’ eventual 97-93 win, which tied the series at 1-1. No foul was called on Wade, who was running back on defense after committing a turnover.

Stephenson fell to the floor but remained in the game.

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