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SilverSpur 05-21-13 01:30 AM

Can the Red Mamba continue to strike?
Forward Matt Bonner still seemed incredulous about the Spurs' playoff record 14 3-pointers Monday, and remained adamant that that's not likely to happen again.

"By no means do we expect to make 14 3s every game," Bonner said before practice. "They're a great team, especially on defense and for sure they're going to play better and we're not going to shoot as well as we did.

"That's why I think we need to focus on the mental side of it. Being intense, focused, matching their physicality, executing our defensive principles so that on nights when we don't hit 14 3s we'll be in a position to win."

Bonner said that the likelihood of the Spurs' repeating their shooting performance was unlikely due to the Grizzlies' adjustments as well as an old friend called math.

"I'm a math guy, it's highly improbable we're going to shoot at the clip we did last game."

One thing the Grizzlies credited the Spurs with after the game Sunday was Bonner running the pick and pop with Parker. That forced the Memphis bigs to be stuck in no man's land. Don't show against Parker in the pick and roll, he's getting to the rim. Show against Parker, and Bonner's open.

Bonner did say that shot's not optimal compared to his normal catch-and-shoot on the perimeter with how it's executed.

"Picking and popping is very different. It's a lot harder to find your feet and locate the hoop. You don't know if the guard is coming from the weak side or someone's closing out of control, that's why it's best to just think as little as possible and if you see the hoop, shoot it."

For such a cerebral baskteball team, of course the idea is to not think about it.

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