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captainlate 05-20-13 02:49 PM

Pop can coach: read this analysis

exit7 05-20-13 03:51 PM

scary stuff, if you're the opposing head coach.

Spurd_On 05-20-13 04:00 PM

Great read Captain. ....And Pop continues to say "It's just basketball. It's not complicated".

thesuspence281 05-20-13 09:50 PM

Great analysis and even better set up by the coaching staff and players. They Grizz never know which way the screen is going to go until its too late.

pjm 05-22-13 12:57 PM

I'm at the office so I can't see the videos of the plays here, just the pictures.

It seemed to me from the pictures that Prince should have helped stop both Parker and Green's penetrations in plays 1 & 3 but he couldn't be bothered. He was the one that could have disrupted that play. In play 2 it seems like Pondexter at least tries to do that, but Parker was too fast for him and he then decides to stay with his man.

From this analysis it seems Memphis wing-defenders are just standing by as spectators. Was that the case in the actual game?

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