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stuffedmushroomz 05-17-13 07:39 AM

ABC Monkey? Curse?
Ok I started a thread bout this before
but I couldn't find it.

Ok I really don't like these games at
all!!! Too early, quick turn around,
Banged up is a recipe for a gm1 let down!

I have faith in our guys but they are really
Banged up, Tony said he was too tired, and
didn't have his legs through most of the
game, last night.

fakemxcan 05-17-13 09:18 AM

Well, at least we have an extra day b4 this time

KAD 05-17-13 12:30 PM

maybe they are tired but they should man up as tehy are professionals and paid for this.

b1gdon 05-17-13 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by fakemxcan (Post 1297057)
Well, at least we have an extra day b4 this time

More like half a day. Schedulers did Spurs no favors.

katyspursfan 05-17-13 03:38 PM

Schedulers rarely do teams favors.
The teevee guys, now that's another story!

Happy Birthday, Tony!


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