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stuffedmushroomz 05-08-13 11:03 AM

Did y'all know DA got a Ring with the Heat? I didnt know!
He was a guest on First Take talking about
his book "Stamina" life lessons. He said
he had a baby at 14yrs old, gained
custody of him at 16, wow.

Anyway, I didn't know he was with the
Heat when they won a Championship. Don't
know which one but that was surprising.

esparzar1 05-08-13 12:49 PM

I didn't know that, just watched first take, pretty amazing story with DA! :thumb

Spurd_On 05-08-13 03:15 PM

Who is DA?

SleepyAdamII 05-08-13 03:52 PM

Derrek Anderson?

Dulce 05-09-13 01:34 PM

David Aldredge?

Spurd_On 05-09-13 01:38 PM

Debbie Addams, wife of Fester?

Dulce 05-09-13 01:54 PM


JuanCaca 05-09-13 10:46 PM

dante alighieri??

e_93gsx 05-09-13 11:24 PM

Dianna Agron?

clovisnmspurfan 05-10-13 04:07 PM

Seriously, which one is it?

chevydude 05-10-13 04:37 PM

Funny how people only use the initials of lesser known players and expect everyone else to know who they talking about. I'm not talking about superstars but role players. Derek Andersson.

stuffedmushroomz 05-11-13 01:09 AM

Oops sorry y'all since someone else answered the question, I figured every one got it.

Its Derek Anderson, former Spur LOL!

Rzarector7 05-11-13 03:19 AM

Dumb and Dumber No, and I Don't Care - YouTube

Racspur 05-11-13 07:09 AM

DA = Dulce Administrator



KAD 05-12-13 11:07 AM

I don't remeber much about him except he as an ok player?

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