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Mombear 05-07-13 07:52 PM

This was posted on Facebook by Larry:

For a stats geek like me, this makes me feel a little better (but not much) about tuning out of last night's epic Spurs win. It also underscores just how ridiculously improbable (impossible?) the comeback was:

1) Teams leading by 16 points with 4 minutes left in playoff games were 392-0 record all-time before yesterday. Now, 392-1.

2) Numberfire.com presented the odds by minute thusly at Inside the Spurs' Incredible Game 1 Comeback Trail - numberFire

Start of 4th, 12:00 left in regulation (Spurs down 80-92): 12.5% chance of victory.
9:00 left in regulation (Spurs down 82-98): 3.0% chance.
4:31 left (Spurs down 88-104): 0.5% chance.



clovisnmspurfan 05-07-13 08:51 PM

Most important STAT Warriors 0-30 in San Antonio.

Money4Nothing 05-07-13 09:04 PM

Great find Mom..

the main stat I care about is that the Spurs win 4 games before Golden State does!


Eddy from Austin 05-07-13 09:27 PM

:yikesIncredible odds.
Thanks for sharing

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