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WILLTHETHRILL 05-06-13 11:26 PM

RJ still sucks!
Where are you RJ lovers?????????????????????????????:laugh

Duncan21MVP 05-07-13 12:21 AM

Totally agree ... Thank God he sucks and we're rid of his a$$!!

He played three minutes, was a MINUS 14, and missed two free throws that contributed to our big run.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Duncanforthree 05-07-13 01:51 AM

RJ was a sleeper agent in CIA Pop's big plan.

He was so valuable for us tonight.

Jose_TheGenius 05-07-13 07:30 AM

who would've thought RJ would've been the most clutch player for the Spurs once we traded him? :lol

Uwe Blab 05-07-13 08:08 AM

He couldn't even get a breakaway dunk.

And more importantly, Danny Green doesn't suck. Clutch shots from him.

clovisnmspurfan 05-07-13 09:09 PM

Thank You RJ!!

Spurd_On 05-07-13 09:27 PM

Looking forward to following his new career in China.

Kager 05-07-13 10:07 PM

Wow just to think he gets paid $10 mill this year and $11 next year for that and the nothing else he has given them this year. With the next season being the player option and not much to convince another team to pay even a fraction of that do you think he will take the option?

truebeliever 05-07-13 10:31 PM

Didn't GS get a first rounder for him?

WILLTHETHRILL 05-08-13 02:46 AM


Originally Posted by truebeliever (Post 1296316)
Didn't GS get a first rounder for him?

Yup the last pick of the first round #30. big deal

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