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disciple 05-06-13 08:29 PM

AT&T In Game Observations
I can't get into chat so I thought anyone at the game can post observations here

disciple 05-06-13 08:36 PM

Kind of funny moment.

When pregame clock ended but they added 9 more minutes because of Heat/Bulls game some Spurs players were not happy.

disciple 05-06-13 08:38 PM

With no splitter will Baynes get any play ? He looks excited warming up.

disciple 05-06-13 09:32 PM

Crowd very upset that calls appear very onesided.

disciple 05-06-13 09:33 PM

One of the refs actually stood during the timeout talking with a rather animated fan at court side.

disciple 05-06-13 09:44 PM

Tony walked up to his man giving him a piece of his mind for holding and being physical and the ref got between them.

disciple 05-06-13 09:52 PM

Interesting though has been upset at some calls he has been encouraging rather than upset with his team.

Spurd_On 05-06-13 10:01 PM

Spurs can win this if they figure it out in the 2nd half. They are showing signs already.

disciple 05-06-13 10:36 PM

It is amazing how many moving screens GS commits.

disciple 05-06-13 10:44 PM

Well - as much as Curry is enjoyable to watch he is not humble.

He is a great shooter. As all shooters he shoots with his legs and hands. Legally getting into them is key.

japre8 05-06-13 10:48 PM

Well we got 1 more quarter to turn game 1 around. I cant believe how slow our defense looks out there. Need Tony and Manu to step it up. I'll give them rust for the 1st half, but this is the freakin playoffs. The crowd needs to quit being a bunch of lazy prima donnas too and start making some noise and helping rally this team. I cant believe I'm watching a Spurs playoff game. The atmophere feels like a pre-season scrimmage. So do some of the line ups we trotted out there.

disciple 05-06-13 11:59 PM

Bail out

Kager 05-07-13 12:20 AM

Manu villain to hero with missed and made threes..... favourite part was TP spinning and pantsing Bogut.

WILLTHETHRILL 05-07-13 12:22 AM

Go ahead and say it Rudy T...........Never underestimate the heart of a championship!

disciple 05-07-13 08:12 AM

Instant Classic !!!!

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