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Peachhaze 05-05-13 04:11 PM

Grizz - Thunder series
Assuming we get by the Warriors, who do you want to play, OKC or Memphis? I cheered for OKC today (I can't believe I said that). Feel like Spurs have a better chance against OKC than Grizz.

Can't wait for Mon night, Game 1. Go Spurs!!!


clovisnmspurfan 05-05-13 04:13 PM

The only difference is OKC is not as physical.

KAD 05-05-13 08:15 PM

sadly I think the Grizz will win that series even though OKC eked out a win today.

Eddy from Austin 05-05-13 09:28 PM

Hopefully a 7 game series

esparzar1 05-06-13 07:19 AM

I really dont care who we play.....bring'em on!!!!! GO SPURS GO

Spurd_On 05-06-13 08:04 AM


Originally Posted by Eddy from Austin (Post 1296153)
Hopefully a 7 game series

That's what I'm rooting for. I watched the first game. Normally at some point, I choose sides. That never happened. I might enjoy watching Baynes on Perkins though.

JuanCaca 05-06-13 08:37 AM

by the boxscore, memphis bigs DESTROYED OKC bigs...

and btw, IMO it appears memphis can defend pretty well PGs and PF, C, but is not that good defending shoting wings, particulary SF....

so if memphis advance, is on kawhi, manu, green win that series...

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