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esparzar1 05-03-13 07:11 AM

Predict the 2nd round Spurs vs Warriors.
Who wins and how many games? Discuss!

Spurs in 5 :thumb

esparzar1 05-03-13 07:14 AM

The warriors -come out to play - YouTube

fakemxcan 05-03-13 07:15 AM

Spurs in 5

Uwe Blab 05-03-13 08:21 AM

Spurs in 6. They will win a couple of games just on hot shooting.

steefposton 05-03-13 09:33 AM

Spurs in 5.

Eddy from Austin 05-03-13 09:35 AM

Spurs in 6

b1gdon 05-03-13 09:37 AM


joyner 05-03-13 11:01 AM

Spurs in 5.

Oh, no, wait. Spurs in 6.

Guille 05-03-13 11:29 AM

Spurs in 5

mckennaspur1 05-03-13 11:35 AM

I'd say the Spurs in 5, but a letdown home loss in Game 1 wouldn't surprise me. Golden State should be god for a win at home, too. Spurs in 6.

nbahoops21 05-03-13 11:49 AM

Spurs in 6


exit7 05-03-13 01:52 PM

I'm feeling a sweep. This is the series that Danny green gets it going!!

thesuspence281 05-04-13 01:31 PM

Cinco! :banana

KAD 05-04-13 01:33 PM

Spurs in 5 but a sweep would not surprise me specially if Splitter suits up for game 1

Dulce 05-04-13 04:56 PM

Spurs in 7


spurscrazed 05-05-13 11:45 AM

Spurs in 6 even though Spurs could have some rust from the long time waiting for that first round. At the same token Golden States must have been more tired and banged up to withstand a long 7 game series but they will fight hard and give Spurs some fits no doubt.

Spurs will in in 6th. I would love to see Spurs win in less but no way this goes to 7 games.

Go Spurs Go!

MRJONESIII 05-05-13 01:11 PM

GS won't win a game in SA. 4-1

Mombear 05-06-13 09:40 AM

Spurs in 3.


Rzarector7 05-06-13 01:57 PM

No clue lol. I am guessing they steal game one and we win this one in 6. I hope they don't go 6 though.

Money4Nothing 05-07-13 09:02 PM

After watching last night, I'm extremely impressed with the Warriors. Combined with the way the Spurs have slumped at the end of the regular season, I think the teams are closer matched than most people think, in terms of how well they are playing.

Even though I feel good about the game 1 win, I suspect it will take the Spurs all 7 games to beat the Warriors.

I still wouldn't be totally surprised if they get upset, but the odds are that they will make it out.


spurduncan21 05-08-13 08:54 AM

Sweep! If not, 5 at most

captainlate 05-10-13 07:32 AM


esparzar1 05-13-13 09:58 AM

Well I guess it's 6 now lol

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