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disciple 04-29-13 04:41 PM

NBAHD favoritism
Has anyone else noticed that the NBAHD replay of game 4 has eliminated the Howard ejection. LOL

Spurd_On 04-29-13 04:54 PM

Haven't noticed. I did notice on NBA.com that for every Lakers loss that there were 3 Lakers' highlights and 1 Spurs'.

JuanCaca 04-30-13 12:09 AM

what gets me sick is tv azteca laker lovers here in Mexico... they translate “ráfaga nba" and every laker loss talked about how much theyre injured, and how those unfortunated lakers was with 3rd stringers and how against kobe spurs cant win... disgusting!

SilverSpur 04-30-13 02:31 AM

Its all about who butters your bread boys. Tv ratings come from big markets. Not the #44 market in the country.

JuanCaca 05-05-13 12:00 PM

i hate mexico tv azteca nba action translators... they say a lot of idiotic statements, disinforming audiency whata shame! if they like one team bash and trash the other, even if that team kick the favorite butt...

btw, today they say kevin garnett was the only player who put at least 15 points 15 boards and 5 assists against the knicks in a playoffs game... i found that hard to believe... thats correct?

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