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MRJONESIII 04-25-13 11:58 PM

Dwight Howard.....
The biggest prima donna, whiny ist, punka$$, teammate backstabber of all time! He will go down as one of the biggest disappointments, with some of the greatest upside of all time. He just climbed to the top of my $hit list. Not a ounce of class!

Kager 04-26-13 12:01 AM

Help me out and make like a villin and give us a back story to that venom....

Rzarector7 04-26-13 01:49 AM

I can NOT stand that dude, can't stand him since a few years back when he started his whining to get outta Orlando! He is a f in baby.

InegoMontoya 04-26-13 07:30 AM

Agreed. The guy is just an overrated punk. First off, im tired of NBA analysts always comparing him to DRob... just because they have similar builds does not make them similar! Dhoward has no outside post game, not even much of an inside post game. He is simply Phoenix Suns Amare S. all over again. hes an athletic big who can dunk and play good help defense when he decides to try. He is an exceptionally overrated defender as he is constantly beaten to the basket by average offensive players. he makes a name for himself helping on smaller players who are driving and don't see him coming. Also is a big fan of the goal tend... Also nowhere near the athlete D.Rob was...
But the thing that makes me hate him more then anything is how whenever he does something good, he screams or flexes his muscles or something to draw attention to the fact that he indeed does not totally suck. I love that he is so far being outplayed by a guy 50 years older then him and half as athletic.
playing against these types of players and beating them is one of the reasons I love being a Spurs fan... winning without class just doesn't feel as good... losing without class must be terrible, at least as long as Pop and Tim are around we wont ever know what that's like...

thesuspence281 04-26-13 10:31 AM

+1 :rockon

katyspursfan 04-26-13 02:51 PM

I'd love to see him in Houston next to Harden, though.

clovisnmspurfan 04-26-13 04:14 PM

God gave him lots of talent however he doesn't have any smarts to go along with it.That is where Duncan and Robinson excel. The 50 year old is Bonner?

MRJONESIII 04-26-13 05:34 PM

I just hate winey players that complain about teams flopping. If his game was evolved around skill and not brute force, then he could finess his way around the court. Well looks like he will have some extra time to work on his game soon. Maybe he should join Roy Hibbert and co. and come to Texas in the summer and go "The Big Fundamental" training camp.

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