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ATHENEA 04-21-13 03:34 PM

FINALS Chat---final chat of the Season! GO SPURS GO!
Join us every game of the POffs!!

thesuspence281 04-21-13 11:25 PM

where was the chat at?

ATHENEA 04-21-13 11:29 PM

Every game of the regular season and the POffs, look for us in here:

thesuspence281 04-22-13 12:29 AM


ATHENEA 04-22-13 10:16 AM

YW! :)

ATHENEA 04-27-13 02:09 AM

Great crowd tonight! :)

ATHENEA 05-06-13 08:39 PM

Gotta stick together!!! :rock

ATHENEA 05-08-13 09:49 PM


captainlate 05-08-13 11:03 PM

Need to play some D snd hit one shots

ATHENEA 05-09-13 12:11 AM


ATHENEA 05-09-13 12:29 AM

That was a sad room, I tell u...

KAD 05-18-13 10:48 AM

Come on let's upbeat for the Finals Series and assure a trek back to the Finals

MRJONESIII 05-19-13 05:12 PM

What the hell is with Duncan and his $hitty passing! He's killing it right now! Maybe need to sit his ass and roll with Bonner, Diaw or Splitter

ATHENEA 05-19-13 06:28 PM


efrem1 05-30-13 11:28 PM

Been a long time since I visited. Family and work have eaten a bit more time since I last posted. Look forward to chatting during this special time.

Mombear 05-30-13 11:35 PM

Looking forward to seeing you in chat. :)

LASpursFan 06-04-13 07:38 PM

But when I show up they lose...:shrug

Mombear 06-04-13 10:23 PM


Originally Posted by LASpursFan (Post 1298458)
But when I show up they lose...:shrug

Then you need to stay away... :slap

j/k... :banana

Money4Nothing 06-11-13 11:58 PM

The Methodist Chatroom was ridiculous tonight.


Mombear 06-12-13 01:10 AM

:laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh :laugh

efrem1 06-16-13 11:31 PM

Sorry that i have not been able to join the chat. I have had family obligations, but boy it has been a great series. One to go!!

WILLTHETHRILL 06-17-13 12:44 AM

Win it Tuesday!!!!!

captainlate 06-20-13 10:14 AM

Redemption . Tonight.

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