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esparzar1 04-18-13 10:15 AM

Predict the Spurs vs Fakers series!
Spurs in 5 baby!!!!:rock :rockon :rock :rockon

Spurs Game 1
Spurs Game 2
Fakers Game 3
Spurs Game 4
Spurs Game 5


thesuspence281 04-18-13 10:20 AM

Im good with that :thumb

spurduncan21 04-18-13 11:09 AM

sweep if not 5. I just dont want to see Timmy get beat up too much.

JuanCaca 04-18-13 12:14 PM


Originally Posted by spurduncan21 (Post 1295103)
sweep if not 5. I just dont want to see Timmy get beat up too much.

thats my concern, even with parker and manu at 100% theres no chance with banged up timmy

Rzarector7 04-18-13 12:22 PM

Tim has to go against a big frontline here and that scares me! I know he can hold his own even at his age but this is a bad matchup there for him if Splitter can't step it up and help. Role players will have to play well, the key though is PARKER! If Parker can dominate or even get 18 and 8 a game they have a good shot.


Scxeezy 04-18-13 12:43 PM

I am hoping for a sweep, but do not think that is realistic. I am going to say Spurs in 5 or 6, but I am not feeling too confident right now. Lakers are going to be tough. They still have a lot of good players, even without Kobe. And they are playing pretty well right now (compared to where they were earlier in the season) where as we have been playing terrible. We do really need Parker to dominate. Hopefully he (and everyone else) can get back to 100% quick...and stay there.

fakemxcan 04-18-13 04:58 PM


Originally Posted by esparzar1 (Post 1295099)
Spurs in 5 baby!!!!:rock :rockon :rock :rockon

Spurs Game 1
Spurs Game 2
Fakers Game 3
Spurs Game 4
Spurs Game 5


I approve this message

TRUTH 04-18-13 07:55 PM

If the Spurs play Spurs basketball, they will win in 5.

If the Spurs play discombobulated ball, it can easily go 6 or 7. Sean Elliot's analysis has been spot on. There isn't any ball movement to make the defense work and the Spurs are not getting easy buckets anymore. It's been one pass for a three point shot. If that's the case, the Lakers have two bigs + Artest that can gobble up rebounds. Also watch the phantom foul calls in favor of one of Stern's pet teams.

Let's hope that the Spurs pull it together.

alh1020 04-19-13 09:23 AM

If the Spurs play like they did the last 3 games of the regular season, you could win 1 game but still go home and think about what could have been. If they show up and play good basketball, they win in 5-6 games. If the Spurs come to the games focused, play ‘team’ basketball and not allow any Laker to have a career game against them, they win in 4, go home and watch for the winner of the Nuggets/Warriors series on TV.

Adios, amigos -- heading to the far north to some cold country. See you around Memorial Day. Bring us some wins guys. Go Spurs Go!!

mckennaspur1 04-19-13 12:38 PM

Spurs in 6, but only if they get their act together. They've looked dreadful for almost a month.

Mombear 04-19-13 06:33 PM

Spurs in 6.

Duncanforthree 04-20-13 11:11 AM

Spurs in 4.

spurscrazed 04-21-13 11:22 PM

Spurs in five!

Since games are far apart so my Spurs will have enough time to rest and come back and KILL those Fakers.

There is no reason Spurs won't defeat this CONCEITED COWARD LAKERS. Especially without their tough leader Kobe. And led by this COWARD Howard. Enough Said!

Manu - TIMAAAAY - TONYYYYYYY AND LEONARD will not allow this San Antonio Spurs TEAM to lose this series that is for sure!

D'Antoni could not hold a Candle to Pop!:smirk

Go Spurs Go!

old timer 04-22-13 12:27 AM

4 ~ 0 or 4 ~ 1.

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